Hi guys, MrQuest17 here, back with another blog today. Now alot of you may of seen my recent blog posts about my spinoff idea for a show called Total Drama After the Drama. Now what I've decided to do is create a wiki for the franchise and use that to document my work on the programme, so as to not clog up this wiki with blog posts about the show. This wiki will go indepth about the characters, locations and episodes from the show and I will allow users to create their own characters and adventures too, as well as features such as roleplay and quize's that'll be held every so often. I currently have three admin spots open, to anyone who wants to help me with the upkeep of the site, as well as the layout, they'll be first come first serve, so you'll have to be quick. In the long run I've created this wiki to help create buzz about Total Drama and to help show Cartoon Network that we still care about it. If you want to help out please feel free to join in, the wiki's still under development but that's why it would be a good idea. Anyway I'll post a link down below and pleases your comments and thoughts, I'll be interested to hear what you say and as always see ya later!

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