Hi, guys MrQuest17 back again once more today, with another awesome blog, being my first Fanfiction. Now first things first Campers, Happy Halloween I hope you've been enjoying the spooky goings on today wherever you are in the world and in celebration of this special event I've decided to do  a special fanfic. This one will be based on the Total Drama After the Drama Season 6 five-part Halloween Special; Virtual Nightmare. I hope you all enjoy it and here we go!

  • It's the morning before Halloween and Mike and Zoey are sleeping in in their appartment building, when their landline phone goes off"
  • Zoey: Urgggh, jeeze I'm trying to get some sleep, it's 5AM in the morning, who could be calling at this hour
  • Mike: Well whatever it is, surely it can wait until we wake up right?
  • Zoey: As much as I want to agree with you Mike, I think it's best we just get this over and done with
  • Zoey picks up the phone and answers the call*
  • Zoey: Hello, Zoey speaking, can I help you?
  • ????:Zoey!, sorry to ring you at this time of the day, but it's urgent, I need your help with my new game pronto!
  • Zoey: Harold!!!!, woh calm down, start from the beginning
  • Harold: Well ok, sorry, well I've just finished creating my new virtual reality game, called "Horror Fantasy" and it's pretty much ready to be released in time for Halloween, I just need some help testing it.
  • Zoey: Oh right, and let me guess, you want mine and Mike's help testing it right?
  • Harold: Correct, would you please help me, please I'm begging you.
  • Zoey: Oh well it's 5AM in the morning and me and Mike want a lie-in, but I guess a Friend in need is more important, we'll be right over.
  • Harold: Thanks Zoey, you're a life-saver
  • Zoey puts down the phone*
  • Mike: What was that all about, Zoey?
  • Zoey: Urggh, Harold wants us to test his new Virtual Reality Halloween game.
  • Mike: Wow, Virtual Reality? Wow that's amazing, how did Harold even get the tech to do that and also couldn't he wait till later today.
  • Zoey: I know right, that's exactly what I said, but I did promise him that we would do it, so come on Mike, get some toggs on and let's go.
  • At Harold's Place*
  • Duncan: So, Doris, why did you invite us here, and when can I leave, I have plenty of Halloween pranks I need to prepare.
  • Harold: Hey I don't want you here more than anyone else Duncan, you're just the appropriate candidate for my new game, you along with Owen, DJ, Mike and Zoey of course and..... THOSE PRANKS HAD BETTER NOT BE AIMED TOWARDS ME.
  • Duncan: Chill Doris,  and no I can't promise nothing, you're just as much at risk as everyone else is, it wouldn't be fair otherwise.
  • Harold: Urggggh
  • Owen: Soooo, have you got any grub Harold? I haven't eaten anything since... 5 Minutes ago!!!, I need food.
  • Harold: Owen, what you ate 5 minutes ago was  the contents of two whole vending machines at the nearby Pizza Shack, there's no grub for you, besides it would only hinder your progress in the game.
  • Owen: Oh, then why don't we just start the game for once, what are we waiting for?
  • Harold: We're waiting for Mike and Zoey, they haven't arrived yet, I mean they should of, their place is only 20 minutes away.
  • DJ: They could just be stuck in traffic, you know Harold, it took me and my Momma nearly two hours to get here and we live just outside of Ontario.
  • Harold: Well the roads, were clear when I got here
  • Duncan: Yeah but that's because you got here at midnight, you've been here all night pretty much.
  • Just then Zoey and Mike arrive through the door* 
  • Zoey: Hi guys, sorry we're late, the traffic from ours, was absoluteley horrific.
  • Mike: Yeah, we couldn't move for at least half hour, so annoying.
  • Harold: Ok, good, now we're all here, can I finally start my presentation and eventual test of this game?
  • Zoey: Sure I guess it's time, go ahead.
  • Harold starts up the projector*
  • Harold: Well guys, welcome to the world of Virtual Horror, my new Virtual Reality game. Using projection technology and 3d rendering software, I've crafted the perfect piece of RPG history, perfect for Halloween.

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