Hi guys, MrQuest17 back today with another scoresome blog for you all. Now as some of you may know I'm a huge fan of the British sci-fi show, known as Doctor Who, the longest running sc-fi show on TV. As and effect of this very fact, one of the channels I mainly watch on youtube is called Who Addicts Reviews, a Doctor Who obsessed channel.

Anyways, one day I was watching two videos of theirs known as the Worst Possible Series and the Best Possible Series. As to what these series entailed, the two guys basically looked at  the different episode numbers from each of the series and picked the best one and worst ones from each episode number from different series. Now today this has inspired me to come up with what I'm gonna call Total Drama the Worst Possible Series 2016 first.

In this blog I will look at the different episodes from over the last five seasons of TD, as well as Ridonculous Race, with a total of 26 episodes, it being the max for a season of Total Drama. Please do keep in mind these are my opinions on the series, and as such do not consider them fact, anyways let's start.

Episode 1

Episode 1, is as it implies, the first episode of each season, the one which really kicks off a good season, giving us an idea of what the season's gonna be like. So far we've had a total of 7 Episode 1's in total. In order they are:

Looking back at all of these episode, having watched each extensively over the last few years, the episode in which I feel is the weakest starter here, I would have to say is Monster Cash. Monster Cash is the opener to Total Drama Action, perhaps one of the seasons the fandom is most neutral on, however it's first episode did not do the season wonders in my personal opinion.

Now I get the fact they wanted to re-use the same characters from the first season, in order to develop them more as characters, but a lot of what was seen from the characters in Monster Cash, was unfortunately a lot of what we've seen already in them. Characters such as Izzy, who was still her crazy self, the producers didn't really mix up too much, which would of been a big bonus for her character, as well as characters such as Heather, who at that point was still her mean self, plus the winner of this episodes challenge was way too predictable. The producers quite obviously favoured Owen in this, which was unfortunate it never really gave any of the other characters a chance. Even the runner up was a former final four member; being Duncan, both of these characters had already gotten a lot of development, unlike characters like Harold who was an early out in TDI.

Overall, this episode lacked the same sort of dynamic pace, that the other episode ones all shared and failed to pull off any big surprises.

Episode 2

The second episode within a season, has a lot to follow up on, depending on whether or not the first episode was good or not. It has to pick up where the first episode left off and successfully continue the pace of the season, however some may crack under this pressure, let's have a look at the Episode 2's:

Now drumroll please, all of these episodes quite honestly have their own strengths and honestly the Episode two's have performed pretty well over the years, so this one was really close, however the episode I decided to choose, comes from a very much disliked season, in which case I'd expect you probably know the episode I'm talking about. This episode is Evil Dread.

Ok now let me get this straight, most of the characters within this episode are very enjoyable and I like most of them, however the reason it's been picked is because of the execution of the characters, a lot of the characters were badly portrayed here, with only one or two exceptions. Characters such as Sierra who was clearly in mental break-point at the time, via her obsession of Cody was way overdone, I mean she dug a hole all the way down to near-earth's crust level, then there's Heather and Jo, who's constant bickering and fighting over leadership, was dragging throughout the episode and unfortunately continued in the next episode, however the biggest turning point for me was Lightning.

Lightning in TDROTI, was generally a very loveable and likeable character throughout his run on that season, he provided some of the best comedy, and gave me a good laugh, as well as showing that he does have the potential to do good, which I liked, as well as his relationship with Jo. However in TDAS's second episode, this was ruined, I feel Lightning's funniness, was just turned into plain arrogance here, I mean seriously the guy couldn't stop kissing his abbs, on top of this they made him an idiot here, I feel. I mean sure he wasn't too bright in TDROTI either, but he had more backbone in that season and was able to properly show some form of intelligence. In the end I was kind of glad Lightning got the boot here, the producers did something right for once. On a side-not the challenge was also very mediocre I feel compare to previous ones.

Episode 3

The next episode within a series, is the third episode. Now by this episode, we would expect to have been fully introduced or re-introduced to the characters, getting back into the groove of the show's format and getting to the know the characters more. In order these episodes are:

The episode I've picked for my number 3 choice, I must admit was one that I didn't really want to have to pick for this, due to it featuring my fave TDPI characters as the focus, however the way this one was executed didn't pit it too well against the other Episode 3's in the series. This episode is Twinning isn't everything.

Now I think a lot of us from before TDPI started, thought that the twins could go incredibly far in the game, and it was quite easy to understand why at that point and for the first few episodes it looked like it could happen, however we then got to this episode. In this episode I feel the producers ruined the twin dynamic between Amy and Sammy. Now I know the whole dynamic between Amy and Sammy was that they were bickering twins, however in the first two episodes the two were generally pretty funny to watch and it wasn't overdone to an annoying level. In this episode however Amy specifically got an annoying point. I feel the producers made her push her sister a little more than needed here. Unfortunateley this meant that Sammy, who was very much a loveable character, up to this point, annoying and the next few episodes, her plot is just repetitive each episode. To top it all off Amy, was eliminated at the end in one of the most, cringe-worthy eliminations to date. The way Amy was choking on the Manchaneal fruit, was good poetic justice, however the character had too much potential to go further and ultimately was eliminated too early in the season.

Episode 4

The fourth episode, within a season is usually used as a filler episode within a season, this episode usually tends to serve as a break in between the series main plot, with the exception of TDA's fourth episode. In order these episodes are:

Now this pick was actually pretty hard, taking into consideration that most episode 4's so far have been substandard at best, and is usually a low point within a season, but I have to say the episode, I have decided to go with for this episode, is the TDA episode; Beach Blanket Bogus. The reason I've gone with this episode, is because of the whole plot of it.

The main reason, this episode was once again because of a character within this episode, this character being the character of Trent. Now don't get me wrong I loved Trent in the first season of the show, Trent was a pretty respectable character and ultimately played a fair game. However come this episode in TDA, I feel the producers went too far with his love for Gwen here. I mean I hate the way, they made him look like he's beginning to completely lose it, over his obsession with Gwen. Not only this but it feels like the break-up between Gwen and Trent was too rushed in the end, and the ending wasn't very good whatsoever, with the only upside being Justin's confessional in the end when he said he's in it to win it, which got me excited for the rest of the season.

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