Hi guys, MrQuest17 back again today with another scoresome theory blog for you today. Now onto the subject of the blog, now as we all know within the TD fandom, we call the different casts a generation with, Gen 1 being TDI- TDWT, Gen 2 being TDROTI and Gen 3 being TDPI. Now today, I've just had a thought about this system, I wondered how the TDROTI cast was really the second Gen of TD contestants.

Ok, now here's my main theory, I personally think that at the moment there is no Gen 3, and that is because I believe that the TDROTI cast are part of the 1st Gen. Now I know what you are all going to say and that is that these guys were introduced as a set of new contestants within the show and that means they should be counted as a completeley different Gen in all totality. However there are many different factors that disprove this general consensus, one being the fact that Sierra, Alejandro and Blaineley are generally classed as Gen 1 characters, even though they debuted in TDWT instead of TDI like the rest of TD. Now as they were introduced in another season, they could of been easily classed as Gen 2 characters, but we didn't do so.

Now onto the main bulk of this theory. Having watched every single episode and season of Total Drama multiple, times I've taken into account all the references, mentions and general cameos of different characters throughout, as for how this ties into the theory, I've noticed that in our most recent TD season TDPI, of course we were introduced to a new cast, but one major thing I've noticed is that there are no cameos whatsoever from any TDI/TDROTI cast members were included within the season. there was no hair no hide of them in the season. Now  as for our previous casts, notice how they've each had multiple interactions with each other throughout the first four and a half seasons. there were relationships built, rivalries were formed and friendships came about, and as I said before the TDPI cast had non of this, and in conclusion I officially count the TDROTI cast as part of the first Gen of TD. Well that's it guys, that's all I've got for you today, please leave your comments down below as usual and as always I'll see ya later!

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