Hi guys, MrQuest17 back today with another interesting blog. Now as most of you think the lineup for TDAS wasn't great at all, personally I think it's a great lineup. Anyways recently I've thought up a theory concerning the lineup for TDAS and this theory is that both Bridgette and DJ, were originally going to compete in TDAS. Here's a few reasons why I think this:

  • 1. They were the only two characters (with the exceptions of Izzy, Owen and Ezekiel who were all in TDAS as cameos), to not compete in TDAS, while most of the contestants from first gen who competed in TDAS cameod too.
  • 2. Notice how both DJ and Bridgette's characters models, would of both fitted the roles Alejandro and Sierra took, with DJ being a muscular and strong guy and Bridgette being a young lady, Alejandro and Sierra also have these character models. 

In conclusion, I believe that these two characters would of competed on TDAS and were originally going to, however the producers decided to scrap the idea  before the episodes were written, and Alejandro and Sierra replaced them, so that the latter two could have more screen time. However personally I would of preferred to see more of Bridgette and DJ, because if you think about it they have unfinished plots, I mean there's more you could do with DJ's animal curse, like I wonder what the mutant animals would do to him and I think Bridgette needs to have more character development without Geoff. If they were on TDAS however, safe bet is that Bridgette would of been on the Heroic Hamsters, replacing Sierra and Dj would of been on the Villainous Vultures in a similar kind of situation to Gwen's. Well there we have it guys, I hope you enjoyed my theory and please comment down below on what you think of my theory.

P.S- One thing I forgot to mention is that Sierra was the fourth ranked contestant on the Heroic Hamsters, so far Bridgette has placed fourth in all her teams on Total Drama, now tell me that's not coincidence.

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