Hi guys, MrQuest17 back again today with another blog for you all, now as you all know I'm the writer of the Total Drama After the Drama series here on the wiki. Within this one of the main villains is a character by the name of Mr Killer. Mr Killer is the older brother of Ezekiel and is actually a Total Drama veteran, original appearing in TDWT and making his last appearance in my idea for the ninth season of TD, known as TD Forever.

Within this blog, I'll give you the low-down on his Total Drama journey and what he's gone through to get where he is, anyways here we go.

Total Drama World Tour

Originally Mr Killer, was the older twin brother, to Ezekiel, wearing identical clothing, same hair and everything. Angry at the fact that Ezekiel was eliminated first in Total Drama Island, Mr Killer decides to take his brother's place in order to win. This very fact is why Ezekiel is so confident at the start of World Tour, it's because it's actually Mr Killer, who looked identical to Ezekiel at the time and is more confident than ever to win.

When however Mr Killer is eliminated first, thanks to messing up his teams chances in Team Victory, he hangs onto the plane, finding his way into the cargo section of the jumbo-jet. For the rest of the season Mr Killer stays in there, planning to swipe the money during the finale, however he grows more insane and crazy as the episodes go by, until he finally cracks, becoming evil in the process. In I see London and African Lying Safari, he then begins to throw his plan into motion, pretending to be feral, in an attempt to throw the other contestants off his plans. In the finale of TDWT, he tries to make for the money, falling into an active volcano with the money.

Total Drama Revenge of the Island-All Stars

From ROTI onwards, Mr Killer began to put his plan into further motion, vacating to Camp Wawanakwa and making a hide-out in the caverns underneath the island, still pretending to be feral, as part of his grand scheme. Through all the toxic waste exposure and mutant attacks, he only gains more of a reason to continue with his plan, which he keeps up through to All-Stars.

Total Drama Anniversary Island

Mr Killer, finally makes his proper debut as a contestant in this season, where at first he stays silent, refusing to reveal his face to the other contestants. Later on in the game, he volenteeringly, offers himself for elimination, becoming the seventh person eliminated off of the newly resurrected Camp Wawanakwa. However mid-way through his elimination, via the flush of shame, he suddenly disappears in a puff of pink smoke.

Later Cameron, begins to have nightmares of being abducted by Mr Killer and having his arm engraved with Mr Killer's initials, however when he wakes up he finds that it actually did happen, having no recollection of what happened. Mr Killer continues to mysteriously show up throughout the season, watching over the contestants and keeping in contact with his little brother Ezekiel, who through his methods has managed to stay in the game for longer than usual. He uses Ezekiel to further progress in the game, while further tormenting the contestants throughout the island, Duncan in particular. Mr Killer also manages to devise a way to bring back Mike's sneaky personality; Mal, by using electro-shock therapy on Mike's brain, an act which he undergoes while Mike is sleeping, the night before the merge.

Successful, at this task, Mr Killer finds a way to give Mal permanent control of Mike, by getting his brother to hammer Mike with a boulder, with Ezekiel brushing it off as an accident. Through this Mr Killer aimed to form an alliance with Mal, to which he is successful, both Mal and Ezekiel then work together for Mr Killer, with Mal making sure Ezekiel survived in the competition. During Noah's elimination, Mr Killer appears on tv screen, as Noah is falling down the drain, revealing what he's been up to, to a terrified Noah.

When Mal is eliminated later, Mr Killer forces his brother to step his game up, using him to rig the game in his favour. Later when the competition whittles down to the final 8, Mr Killer uses his brother to turn the rest of the contestants against Duncan, his main rival, by planting strands of Dunca's hair all over broken valuables of the other finalists. This causes major distrust to be thrown Duncan's way, however when Duncan's able to prove his innocence, in annoyance Mr Killer transports the entire island to an alternate dimension, using his super-natural abilities. Within this dimension the contestants face their worst fears, but Duncan is able to free them, ending in him garnering immunity, much to Mr Killer's chagrin.

Later after days of unoccurence, Chris challenges the final 5, with finding both Mr Killer and his little brother; Ezekiel, who also disappeared after his elimination. It turns out that the two have built a den, within the catacombs of Wawanakwa. The two set up numerous amounts of traps throughout the island to deter the contestants, however Courtney and Gwen are able to apprehend the two brothers, who are then flushed for the final time that season, alongside Geoff who had been eliminated during that ceremony. At the final ceremony, Mr Killer abruptly leaves after Courtney is announced the winner.

Total Drama: The Movie

Mr Killer returns alongside his brother and Mal as the main antagonists of the first TD movie. After not managing to win the money last season, Mr Killer meets up with his brother and Mal in a secret/unspecified location to plot their next plans. The eventually make up their mind and begin production on a large army of killer robot knights. After this they send their robots, to attack Chris and Chef at the spa hotel on Camp Wawanakwa. These robots are then sent all around the world, alongside hired hands, planting themselves in every country around the planet. These minions would then attempt to stop the contestants, from assembling the ultimate Drama machine, the only thing that can stop Mr Killer.

One by one, the contestants are rounded up by Mal, Ezekiel and Mr Killer's operatives, with only Duncan and Owen managing to evade capture. Mr Killer taunts his captives in their holding cells, on Zeke'n'akwa. Mr Killer then orders all of his operatives, to take all the countries hostage and also places time-bombs in the four corners of earth. Having failed to stop the contestants from assembling The Ultimate Drama machine parts, Mr killer, holds the earth at ransom, threatening to activate the bombs, blowing up the earth, unless Duncan and Owen hand over the parts of the machine. In the end Mr Killer, battles the TD contestants in the Ultimate Drama Machine, using his own mech, the Killer mech. However this ends in his entire base exploding and everyone's transported to New York, thanks to the Ultimate Drama Machine's emergency escape transportation functions.

After trying to take over the world, the Zeke brothers are given a life-sentence in jail, alongside Mal, who's been freed from Mike. However weeks later, the three mysteriously disappear from their cells.

Total Drama Race Around the World

Mr Killer once again, takes up the mantle of main antagonist in the third and final part of the Anniversary season arc. Within this season he's placed on Team Victory 2.0, where he becomes the first contestant to be eliminated. However he disappears mid-drop of shame in a puff of smoke, being revealed to have ended up in the cargo hold. In the next episode, he manages to hypnotise Lindsay, while she's in the cargo hold as part of a challenge.This causes Lindsay, to manipulate and eliminate her fellow contestants, taking pleasure in their failure. Mr Killer instructs continually instructs her to bring contestants down to the cargo hold, allowing him to hypnotise them.

With the help of a team of hypnotised contestants, those being Lindsay, Owen, Harold and Justin he manages to fully take-over the first-class section of the jumbo-jet. Jealous of the new team that's forming, Courtney then volunteeringly joins the team, helping them elimate Gwen, who is beginning to catch on to what their doing. During the merge, Mr Killer is able to catch and hypnotise, the hosts; Bridgette and Geoff, taking over from Chris who had been arrested in the prior season. They then allow him back onto the show as contestant, where he takes captainship of his team. This team acts as a combined antagonist, using each contestants abilities to his own gain. When they begin getting eliminated however, Mr Killer takes drastic measure, getting Lindsay to rig the challenges for him. Mr Killer is eventually eliminated again, finishing in 6th place, however after Lindsay manages to "accidently" cause to knock Amy out of the jumbo jet, Mr Killer is brought back once more, however it's all in vain, as he's once again eliminated at the final hurdle, finishing in 3rd.

When Lindsay manages to win, the season she's about to hand Mr Killer the prize money, but luckily Beth manages to snap her out of her season-long trance, at the last moment.

Total Drama Robotic Revenge

Mr Killer makes an appearance in the finale, appearing as an obstacle to Brittany and Austin in the final jog of the finale to the finish line. He uses a giant mech to try and deter them, but ultimately it malfunctions and falls over. Mr Killer's robots from the movie, have also all come to call Wawanakwa their home, becoming the main basis of the season.

Total Drama All Stars Again

Mr Killer returns, as a contestant in Total Drama All Stars Again, being placed on the Villainous Vultures 2.0. Early in the season, he meets Diego, Alejandro's old bully from high school, who's the main antagonist of the season. Seeing how evil Diego is, Mr Killer suggests an alliance with Diego, to which Diego accepts on the condition they split the prize money.

Throughout this season, Mr Killer helps to further Diego's work, all while secretly working to gain access to the island's central control room. Later however, Mr Killer begins to discover that he's beginning to lose his evil touch, through helping Diego and doubts their alliance. This truly kicks off once the merge takes place however, when Diego betrays Mr Killer's trust. Angry, he tries to hinder Diego's efforts, using some of his pets, also known as Robo-roaches to hinder Diego. However Mr Killer, eventually comes to the conclusion, that he'll need to team with the other contestants to stop Diego from winning. Mr Killer grudgingly works together with Duncan and co, collectively to stop Diego, however at the semi final mark, Mr Killer's evil urge becomes too much and he breaks away from his alliance with Angie and Tyler, nearly managing to beat them both to the finish line of the challenge. However he trips at the last moment and the two manage to pass him, with Diego having already, gotten first place.

As he won, Diego is then give the choice of who will be beside him in the final 3, getting the chance to eliminate one contestant. As the strongest, remaining contestant Mr Killer is then eliminated by Diego. Before his flush of shame, Mr Killer warns Angie and Tyler about Diego's strategy, with Diego trying to brush it off, but Mr Killer insists about it, just then however Chris presses the button, flushing Mr Killer, with him finishing in fourth place that season.

Well that's it guys, the story of the would-be most hated contestant in TD-History, by the rest of the contestants, including his rise and fall. I hope you enjoyed it, and please leave your comments down below, would you like to see this character actually appear on the shows?, well that's all, as always enjoy and I'll see ya later!

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