Hi guys, MrQuest17 back today with another scoresome for all my fellow Questers. Now as we all know as of late we've been going through a terrible TD drought, with nothing in 2016 and so far no sign of a renewal, so today I'm gonna share another one of my season ideas with you.

Now as I've already done season ideas in the forms of TD:Robotic Revenge and TD: All Stars Again as Seasons 7 and 8 respectively. This one will be my idea for the tenth season(I would do my idea for Season 9, but considering it would feature all 78 characters, including ones from my idea for the anniversary season and Robotic Revenge, it would be too long). Anyways here's the premise for the tenth season, which I'll name Total Drama Disliberty Isle:

After Camp Wawanakwa goes haywire after the conclusion of the last season, thanks to a certain villainous psycho's meddling, Chris has been forced to find a new home for Total Drama, however as Canada has run dry of useable islands for a season, Chris takes the show abroad and sets up shop on Disliberty Isle, an island located just outside New York city. The Island was original going to be the site for the Statue of liberty, however the island was proven to be too dangerous, and was as such named Disliberty Isle. As such Chris decides to drop a bunch of 30 new American contestants to battle it out for one billion dollars.


  • Carrie-The nervous Lovebird: Having originally competed on the Ridonculous Race, Carrie decides to visit America again with Devin and decides to sign up to the new season of Total Drama to test their love. Carrie is a sweet-hearted, down to earth girl who cares for her friends, but has problems with her nerves especially around Devin.
  • Devin-The Oblivious Lover: Devin is Carrie's boy friend and fellow partner from the Ridonculous Race. Devin can be a little oblivious at times, which sometimes trips him up, but he knows that having Carrie by his side he'll be able to make it through the new season.
  • Shelly-The Ex: Shelly is Devin's Ex-girlfriend and an enemy of Carrie's from childhood. Shelly is known to be pretty spoilt and doesn't like it when she doesn't get her own way. Shelly has long dark brown hair, that stretches down to her waist, with brown eyes and pale skin. She wears a black T-shirt with a red female sign on it, with denim shorts and long red leggings.
  • Reggie-The Laid back Reggae lover: Reggie is an incredibly chill dude, who hails from the state of Hawaii. Back home Reggie is a well known Reggae player and intends to bring his musical talents to the show in the hopes of meeting some fellow reggae lovers. He wears a black, red , yellow and green beanie hat, with black dreadlocks and tanned skin. He also wears a t-shirt with the same colour pattern of his hat.
  • Annie-The New Yorker: Annie having grown up in New York City, wants to try and get away from the hustle and bustle of her normal life and make some friends who aren't constantly rushing around all the time. Annie is an avid American theatre lover and a true friend, who values friendship more than anything. Annie has tanned skin, with light chestnut hair, done up in a pony tail and wears a pink skull t-shirt, with denim skinny jeans.
  • Trey-The Cowboy: Trey is your typical American farm boy, having grown up on a farm, Trey spent most of his time acting out Old western movies and takes after the heroes in those movies. Tres tends to speak like a cowboy and wears a cowboy hat, alongside neck scarf, dungarees and red chequered overalls.
  • Jade-The Little Mixer: Jade is Little Mix's number one fan girl, having memorised every song and been to every concert of theirs. Jade is shown at times to drift off in her love of the group much to her teams annoyance and she signs up to try and get noticed by Little Mix on international TV.
  • Bobbie-The Gangster: Bobbie is Manhattan's toughest gangster and a real-whiner. Bobbie acts tough and strong on the outside, but is really a softee on the inside and signs up to TD to prove he really is as bad as he lets on. Bobbie wears a jet black leather jacket, as well as having large black floppy hair like Elvis'. He also has a white vest under his black jacket.
  • Janelle-The Getto Chic: Janelle is Anne Maria's cousin from America and a lover of getto fashion. She originally wanted to audition for TDROTI with her cousin, however due to other commitments, she had to decline the offer. But now she wants to audition and wants to get further than her cousin did. She wants to play and she wants to show off her killer style.
  • Stan-The Junior TV reporter: Stan is a TV news anchor in training and wants to find as many stories as possible to improve his chances of becoming a full-time news anchor. In order to do this, he signs up for TD, however it's shown he can be too persuasive and nosey, which tends to push people away. Stan is short, with bunched blond hair, a set of glasses and wears a blue suit, with a shirt and red tie.
  • Lola-The Liberty Lover: Lola is a dedicated fan of the Statue of Liberty and a well-known worker on Liberty Island. She wears a cosplay outfit based upon the statue of Liberty to show her support of her country.
  • Starr- The wannabe Pop Star: Starr is a rejected contestant from many different singing reality shows, having failed to impress any judges, despite her believing she has a great voice(She doesn't!). She auditioned for Total Drama in a last-ditch attempt to garner some fame. Starr has long bright red hair, with blond highlights, and wears a head-band, blue crop-top and cut-off jeans.
  • Ashton- The Tennis Expert: Ashton was Shelley's boy-friend before she dumped him for her current lover; Jay. Ashton is a stern young man, with an expertise in the field of tennis, having taught Shelley, as well as both Csrrie and Devin to play tennis. He ultimately still has a grudge against Shelley and signed up to try and get revenge.
  • Allen- The History Buff: Allen is a member of the New Natural History staffing and has a high knowledge of America's history. In honour of his favourite time period he wears a puritan outfit and is also known to blabber historical facts a lot of the time. He auditioned in order to educate the youth of America.
  • Calvin- The Hollywood Star: Calvin is a childhood friend of Annie's and a budding movie star, who's had a few minor roles in Hollywood flics. Calvin enjoys the paparazzi and is constantly posing. He auditioned to be with his childhood friend; Annie.
  • T-Bone- The Basketball Player: T-Bone is an aspiring Basket Ball player, who's height compliments his ability. However his height often makes him look intimidating, which makes it hard for him to make friends. He auditioned for Total Drama in order to improve his skills.
  • Trevor- The Cosplay Nerd: Trevor is a typical attendee at comic conventions and expos across the country and enjoys dressing up as his favourite super-heroes. He's an expert costume designer and tends to get very competitive. He auditioned for Total Drama to try and prove himself as a hero on TV.
  • Alicia- The Fashion Model: Alicia used to be a well-known fashion model in New York city, but after being told she was just a pretty face, she decided to quit the agency. However she got type-cast as New-York's pretty face and so auditions for Total Drama to prove she's more than just a pretty face.
  • Codi- The Book-Worm: Codi is one of the shyest girls at her high school and works at the school's library. She spends more of her time reading books than interacting with other students at the school. She auditions for Total Drama in the hopes of finding some friends who would accept her.
  • Jackson- The unemployable guy: Jackson is a typical unemployed New-Yorker searching for work in the Big City. However Jackson doesn't have any plausible skills for the jobs he goes for. Auditioning for Total Drama, he hopes to show off his skills on TV, to convince employers he's worth it.
  • Derdi- The Street-Rapper: Derdi is a true rapper, who takes his inspiration from various different rapping icons. He enjoys rapping on the streets of New York City, which allows him to express his emotions. He auditions for Total Drama to advertise his rapping abilities.
  • Kylie- The Red-Headed Surfer- Kylie was a contestant on Brother Bazonkers, where she finished in sixth. Kylie however wanted more of a challenge and decided to audition for Total Drama, alongside her boy-friend Flame.
  • Flame- The Arrogant Hot-head: Flame like his girlfriend was a contestant on Broher Bazonkers. Flame auditioned for Total Drama, in order to get more camera time, as he wasn't happy with the time he got on Brother Bazonkers.

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