Hi, MrQuest17 coming back at you today, with another blog. Today I will be talking about a theory of mine That I've had about Jacques and Josee since TDPRR began to air. Now as we all know Jacques and Josee are ice skaters performers and they love to show off to their public. So far we've seen them holding a show ready smile in every episode This simple fact alone makes thinkthat it's possible that this pair will be eliminated in Las Vegas. From what I hear most of us think that this pair will get far and far as I'm aware it's not been confirmed which episode Las vegas will be featured in, but as there is only 5 episodes that have yet to be named there's a high chance that it will be one those.

Now for the reason I think that Jacques and Josee will go out in Las vegas, is because as we all know Las Vegas is city of bright lights, gambling, entertainment and much more and I think as the ice dancers are commonly known to stop and wave to their fans via camera, I don't think they'd be able to resist the chance to perform on one of thesestagesunless they want to hurt their fans. So ultimately what I think will happen is that they'll take too much time performing for their fans and ultimately this will mean whoever else is left would easily overtake them and by the time they've realized this, Don will be heading towards their location via helicopter to tell them they are out of the race. I'm also going to guess this may occur around final 4. Now I know you guys are probably thinking that the show is only just beginning and it may be a little early to start theorizing like this, but I just like to do this sort of thing because it just makes me even more excited to see the rest of the show. Finally please don't take this as confirmation of anything and comment down below with what you think about my theory I'm interested to know what you think about it. See ya later!

Ice Dancers Wave to Fans

Jacques and Josee , out in Las Vegas?

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