Hi guys it's MrQuest17 here. Today I've been looking closely at each of the different episode pages for the Ridonculous race, and I've noticed a pattern that could quite possibly mean we will be able to accurately guess all the eliminations. Don't worry guys I'm not going to spoil anything for you, because I want you to find out for yourself, but here's my theory: I've seen that in each episode there is always a few pairs that don't have any speaking roles at all and this is from None down, eighteen to go part 2, and then in the third episode known as French is an Eiffel language Gerri and Pete just happen to get eliminated. Now if you look back at the episode page for the previous episode you'll notice that Gerri and Pete were one of the pairs that didn't speak and they got eliminated next episode.

Now I'm just going to say this theory does hold up, I'm not going to say who gets eliminated next, but lets just say that my theory does not get disproven for a while. The eliminated pair will basically be one of the pairs that doesn't speak in the previous episode. Going by this theory the next pair eliminated may be either Rock and Spud or Ellody and Mary. We'll just have to wait, to see my theory will be proven correct tonight, as Mediterranean homesick blues will be airing on Cartoon network USA. Please leave your comments down below and please tell me what you think of my theory.

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