Yo Questers, Quest back today with another scoresome theory blog about the upcoming season of Total Drama for you'll. Anyways recently I've been paying particularly good attention to social media posts and comments made by the production staff and voice actors who are going to be working on the upcoming season of Total Drama, for any hints or information that could correlate to the upcoming season.

Now a number of things have been brought up by Christine Thompson and Christian Potenza, that have convinced that we could be on our way to the first possible complete reboot of the show. Now by reboot, I'm not talking about a cast change like what had occurred in TDROTI, with the gen 2, I'm talking about a full-on reboot of the entire show. As for my reasoning to this theory, there are a variety of different factoids and hints that have been brought to my attention through both the announcement video and through Christine's TD Fan Group Facebook comments.

One of the first things that has been brought up, is to do with the subject of the Total Drama theme, that has been confirmed to still be the short 20-second intro, used within TDAS and TDPI. This particular subject was brought up when a fan asked about whether the intro was going back to it's original length and through her response she revealed the above information. However the kicker for this whole theory, was the fact that she did also hint that the theme tune may change for this sixth season, which would be a bit weird otherwise and as far as we know this season is definitely not a spinoff, which would of otherwise discounted this theory.

Another major hint at this total reboot, would be the fact that so far only TDI characters have been confirmed to be returning in Season 6, as well as the fact that as of yet none of the second/third gen voice actors/actresses have teased anything about their involvement just yet. Now I know what you're all going to say and that that is it's too early into the production period of the season, but it just seems weird to me how a raft of first gen voice actors/ actresses could come out with teases from the get-go, with no Gen 2 cast members teasing their involvement, I mean surely as they were involved with the show, they'd be voicing their excitement, but as of yet nothing.

The next factor in this theory of mine, would be the fact that while Christian had confirmed his involvement with this upcoming season of the show, he never confirmed that Chris was coming back. Now I know we may all just pass it off that Chris is definitely coming back, due to the fact that Chris is the only character he had voiced, but the fact that they have expressed that they couldn't even confirm that, puts Chris' involvement to doubt.

The final factor that I have for this theory, would be the general fact that recently it had been the 10th anniversary of the show recently and what better way of celebrating this milestone than going back to how it had all began and where it began. As the latest season since the anniversary, this would be the best way to celebrate 10 years of TD.

Anyway Questers, that's all I've for today, hope you've enjoyed the read and please do leave your thoughts down below, I mean what would you make of a reboot for TD, do you think it's needed, do you want it. As always Quest On and see ya later.

Chris Pose 45

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