Yo Questers, MrQuest back again today with another scoresome blog for you to do. Now I know you all probably remember my TD6 Predictions blog for the upcoming season, what I forgot to say on that blog was the fact that that was only going to be the first part of my predictions for Total Drama Season 6.

Last time I covered the contestants, setting and the amount of episodes that would be included within this season, so this time I'll be focusing on the elimination order and plot points that could occur within the season.

Elimination Order

Now the elimination order is usually a point of a lot of criticism within the TD community, usually views clash and it can be hard to sometimes justify eliminations within a season. Now taking all of that into consideration here is the elimination order I've come up with for the upcoming season, based upon the cast I came up with in the first part of this blog, alongside their reasons, starting with the first eliminated.

  • 24th-Dave- Now I know what all of you are going to say, that Dave is too important to the show plot-wise, what with his relationship with Sky and his current situation. However the reason why I've placed him here is because it's possible he would be too focused on getting rid of Sky, possibly also breaking down as well which would cause his team to lose.
  • 23rd-Jo- Jo for me is a pretty obvious one for an early out within the sixth season of Total Drama, I mean I'm thinking that a similar thing to All-stars would occur here, with Jo's overall bossiness irritating her team, especially characters like Heather and possibly Amy.
  • 22nd-Brick- While I do know that Brick is a fan-favourite with the community, I honestly think an early elimination is logical, with the overall reason being the fact that Jo has been eliminated, meaning that Brick is no longer being bossed by her and so willingly helps to rescue the opposing team in the episodes challenge, causing his team to eliminate him.
  • 21st-Mike- Mike is honestly one of the most polarizing contestants within the TD community, I mean while I like the character I know he's incredibly controversial due to the whole reset button thing among other things and there's also the fact that he doesn't really have too much plot left. While I don't think he deserves to go first, I personally think being eliminated as early as the fourth eliminated would do him some good and help to wrap up his story.
  • 20th-Sky- Now whether you perceive this as my personal opinion or not, because I don't like Sky whatsoever, I personally think an early elimination would work for Sky. I could easily see why she'd be eliminated, being that I could see possibly her over-achieving/athletic attitude becoming over-bearing towards her team-mates.
  • 19th-Duncan- Duncan is a character that is very much loved by the fandom, as well also vice versa. He really does split the fandom, but I do feel an elimination at this point would be a good idea, plus for once it would mean Duncan doesn't make the merge. Ultimately I think his elimination would come at the hands of the antagonist which I'd get onto later.
  • 18th-Cameron- Partway through this season, I honestly would do something similar to what happened in TDAS, with Courtney switching teams with Cameron this time; Cameron going to villains for reason I'll get onto and Courtney switching to Heroes as well. After switching teams, Cameron would be let his anxiety get the better of him, as well as the fact the villains would target him.
  • 17th-Sugar- Sugar a lot like Duncan is a bit of a mixed bag within the Total Drama community, while I honestly I personally hate her, it's quite clearly expressed through PI that she's an important character. However I personally think that 17th would be a good place for her to finish, as I don't think a character like Sugar needs to have any more screen tiem.
  • 16th-Max- Max was the overall comedy relief of Total Drama Pahkitew Island, and I was honestly not surprised that Max had made it as far as he did in Pahkitew Island, I mean the whole pathetic villain motif just made him a fun and loveable character, but due to this fact I personally think that he doesn't need to make merge again, especially as Scarlett may not come back this time. This would mean that Max wouldn't really have too much plot.
  • 15th-Heather- Heather is by far one of the most popular antagonists within the Total Drama franchise, however I personally think that at this point during the TD timeline, she's honestly finished her main plotlines and therefore, I don't think making the merge is needed. The Reason I believe she'd make it this far is because she's just such a big character as far as TD goes.
  • 14th-Dawn- Dawn is another one of those characters that is loved a lot by the fandom, one of the quote on quote "Fan-Favourites", however while I'd love to see Dawn get past the merge in Total Drama, I honestly don't think there's a lot of plot potential with the character. As for her elimination as Dawn is generally a nice character, I think it'd mainly be caused the main antagonist, I was thinking of maybe something animal-based.
  • 13th-Lightning- While Lightning is a pretty likeable and funny character to watch on Total Drama, I honestly think there's only a certain amount of things that could be done with his character. Really most of what he's had to offer has finished in his first two seasons, however I still believe he'd make for a good comedy relief character, so ultimately I think the final pre-merge elimination would be a good spot for him to finish in.


  • 12th-Amy- Amy is character that I think most of us thought was going to be the main antagonist in TDPI, however of course that ended up not being the case and she got an early elimination. While her character seems to be centred around being mean to Samey, I personally think that she deserves to have more time this season and so I think leaving at merge would leave enough time, to develop a plot between her and her sister, I feel merge would be a good and natural end to this plot.

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