Yo guys, MrQuest17 back again today with another scoresome blog for all my fellow Questers. Now as we all know the exciting news of a brand new season of Total Drama has been announced for late 2018/early 2019. Unfortunately there's still quite a long time to go. Anyways while the show maybe far away, it's never to late to speculate/ predict certain aspects of the show.

These aspects would involve contestants, the setting, number of episodes and all that, so without further ado, let's get to it.


At the moment it's currently been announced that some returning favourites from Season 1 would return to compete again. Now I know what all of you are thinking, that maybe this means characters such as Trent/Eva are going to be making their return this season, due to how highly regarded they are as favourites throughout our community. However what I must say, is that Fresh's definition of favourites is a lot different to our definition of what that meant. It's more likely that when they talk of favourites, they're talking about, characters such as; Courtney, Heather, Duncan, Gwen, Lindsay and Owen, all of which are classed as favourites by the producers.

Of course it's possible they could also be talking about the more second-tier characters as well, so characters like; Harold, DJ, Bridgette and Leshawna who could all be possibly counted as All-stars in their own right. Now as for other gens, while it wasn't specifically mentioned that there would be other generation cast-mates competing, don't forget that they couldn't reveal everything just yet, so it's still very possible. Also I don't believe they'd waste the possibility of having Gen 3 contestants interact with the previous gens. If this does turn out to be true, I expect a total of 24 contestants from across the three gens, with 8 contestants per cast coming back.

As far as specifics go, here's the contestants I believe are most likely to come back;

Gen 1Edit

  • Owen(All-but Confirmed)
  • Noah(All-but Confirmed)

Gen 2Edit

  • Jo(Most likely)

Gen 3Edit

  • Sky(Most Likely)
  • Max(Most Likely)


Now as for the setting that's a harder aspect to try and predict, due to the events that have occurred in the last few seasons, it maybe hard to pinpoint where exactly the season may take place, but I'll do my best to try and do so. As we all know in All-Stars Camp Wawanakwa tragically sunk into the ocean, all thanks to Chef's fracking machine and then there's Pahkitew Island, which ended in robotic disaster.

As for ideas such as the abandoned movie lot and the race around the world, I honestly think this season would have some aspects of a celebratory season for 10 years of TD, so I'm almost positive it would take place on an island setting as an effect, and really those were more one-shot locations for one season only. As for Pahkitew Island, I know Chris loves to throw his contestants into absurd dangers nowadays, but I honestly don't think he'd want to risk any possible danger to himself. As seen in the last TD season, Pahkitew Island had become incredibly unstable, so personally I think it's possible that a new all-natural island will be used for the setting of this season.

The other possibility is a revival of Camp Wawanakwa, through artificial re-creation, but honestly I don't think this would be any different from what happened with Pahkitew. Plus is they re-created Wawanakwa, it may not be as charming or excellent as the original was, plus we all know how Pahkitew Island went. In conclusion I believe a completely new Island will be used for the Season.


The number of episodes within a TD season, has something that has been a major source of criticism over the last few seasons of Total Drama, as they've compacted the seasons into short 13 episode seasons, meaning there's less time to develop important characters within the season. Then came the first Total Drama spinoff, known as the Ridonculous Race, which came with a total of 26 episodes which would be classed as a full season size.

Now I believe one of the reasons that had been given towards the reduction of episodes from TDROTI onwards, was the overall budget they had to use on making TD, which for whatever reason must of somehow decreased, possibly due to Fresh focusing more time on other projects alongside Total Drama. However this all changed when the spinoff came about, as it had a total of 26 episodes and therefore was a very good season. Now that begs the question, of whether they could do the same for the new season of Total Drama. Honestly I don't see why they couldn't, due to the fact that as far as I know, currently TD is really the only animated project the crew are working on, unless you know different, which would mean that the budget can increase.

It's also notable that if the season does have a total of 24 contestants like I predicted, then it would need a season this long, to be able to fully show off these characters and fit the elimination order of the season.

Anyways that's it guys, those are my predictions for the sixth season of TD coming at the earliest date of fall 2018, please do leave your thoughts down below, do you agree with me on any of this, do you not, as always Quest on and see ya later.

  • P.S- In case you're wondering about Courtney, while it hadn't been mentioned in-verse or hinted at by staff, in the comments of the announcement on Twitter, Courtney's VA, Emily-Claire had commented in a tone that made it sound like a big possibility, plus the fact she was the only VA who did so, makes it suspicious.

Potential Cast GalleryEdit