Hi guys, MrQuest17 back to day, with another blog to try and cheer everyone up during this Total Drama less void, that we're in at the moment. Any way recently I've had an idea for a new TD spinoff series, a series I'd like to call Total Drama: After the Drama. This show is a cartoon comedy show, based off of the Total Drama and Ridonculous Race contestants and what they do when they're not competing. Here's my main description for the show: "Ever wonder what the TD gang get up to in their spare time, what they do on a daily basis? Well find out in Total Drama After the Drama, a show that focuses on the lives of the reality TV rejects outside of the competition.

​Season 1

  • S1E01- The Beginning of  Chris: The story of how Chris Mclean came to be and how he rose to fame. 
  • S1E02- New York Honkers: When Owen and Noah take an all but safe New York taxi cab to the mall, Owen accidently swallows the horn.
  • S1E03- Sing it or Rule It: When Courtney is praised for her singing abilities, by a well known music producer, She must choose between continuing her law career or beginning a new pop career.
  • S1E04- In it to win It: After a gruelling run on the Ridonculous Race, Josee desperateley wants to win something or anything, so Jacques signs them up to a ton  of different game shows.
  • S1E05- Bringing the Band back (Part 1): After hearing about her former band rivals pop success, Courtney decides to get her old band, the A-Type Psychotic Crazies back together. 
  • S1E06- Bringing the Band back (Part 2): Courtney manages to get the band back together, but finds they are less than excited to be back together and one member; Paige begins to fall in love with Duncan.
  • S1E07- The Scarlett fibber:  Scarlett lies about having to go to a secret villain meeting, to avoid going to see a particulary romantic movie with Max.
  • S1E08- Military Model: To pass his fashion designer exam, Brick has to find a suitable model to model his new designs, but the only one he could find was Jo!
  • S1E09- Cook Master DJ: After him and his mom go bankrupt, DJ decides to enter a celebrity cooking show, called the Master Chef, buf finds stiff competition, when it turns out Chef Hatchet is also competing. 
  • S1E10- Mummy Dearest: When Bridgette, sees her daughter; Brittany being bullied at school, she decides to come in and spend the rest of the school week with her, much to her embarassment.
  • S1E11- Gwen's Goth overload: When Gwen meets her Gothic idols, in the form of Crimson and Ennui, she tries to become even more goth than she already is with bad results.
  • S1E12-  Game face: When Sam finds out that the latest games console, a Virtual Reality mask will be up for grabs at a Gaming Inferno competition, he quite literally puts his game face on.
  • S1E13- Wawanakwa goes under: After Chris, doesn't pay off his debts on Camp Wawanakwa, the government takes over the island. However they don't know the ins and outs of the place. 
  • S1E14- Mythbusters: When a mysterious newspaper tipster keeps giving out photo's of so-called mythological creatures, Cameron assembles a team to uncover the truth behind   these claims.
  • S1E15- The Dodgebrawler: After being called out for being a wimp in the original TDI dodgeball challenge, Noah sets out to prove he's not afraid to dodge some balls. 
  • S1E16- Punks Incorporated: After a few prior misdemeanours, Duncan decides to go into business and opens up Punks inc., a company dedicated to designing the best clothing possible for punks.
  • S1E17- Scott vs the world: When his farm begins to lose business, Scott travels to the city, to find work and earn enough money to get his farm back afloat.
  • S1E18- Multi-Izzy: After taking one too many hits to the head, Izzy develops Multiple Personality Disorder and finds it hard to control her new found friends.
  • S1E19- Silent Beverly Hills: B's genius plans for movie direction catch on in Hollywood and Bev ends up becoming a director in a mega movie blockbuster.
  • S1E20- Blaineley the Rover: When she's once again fired from Celebrity Manhunt, Blaineley decides to go out and find as much gossip as possible, to prove she's still worth a shot.
  • S1E21-  Zombocalypse: After watching a scary movie with Jasmine, Shawn has nightmares of a zombie invasion, and when there's loads of knocks on the door of their appartment, it truly does look like the apocolypse has arrivesd.
  • S1E22-  Disco Chef: Chef gets nostalgic for the 80's and breaks out his afro and saturn jump suit, to go and party the night away at the ritziest club in town.
  • S1E23- A fairy Odd Day: Ella tries to enter a talent show, to show off her singing talents, but when the judges reject her, she's forced to find other ways.
  • S1E24- Total Drama Bloopersode: A look at all the different trip ups and mess ups from behind the scenes of Total Drama After the Drama Season 1.
  • S1E25- The Search for Suckers (Part 1): Chris starts the search for a new bunch of contestants, for the next season of Total Drama.
  • S1E26- The Search for Suckers (Part 2): After finding 10 new contestants for the next season of TD, Chris' search falls flat. Will he be able to find 12 more before the season is due?.
  • Note: This is the 2 part Season one finale

Season 2

  • S2E01- Duncan's House Party Hide-a-thon: When Courtney leaves Duncan to look after their Hawaiian mansion, while she's out on business abroad, Duncan decides to throw the biggest house party ever, but when Courtney's business meetings finish early, Duncan must rap up the party before she arrives back.
  • S2E02- Small Baby in the Big city: While Nadine and her mom go out shopping for a wedding dress for her cousin's wedding, she leaves her baby brother, Todd in Brittany's care. Brittany asks for Gwen, Zoey and Lindsay's help with said task and they decide to take him to the park, but when Todd runs out of diapers, Brittany, Gwen and Zoey have to rush off to the stores and leaves the baby with Lindsay. Bottom line: BIG MISTAKE!.
  • S2E03- The Big Move: When Noah decides it's time he and Owen, move out of their cramped New York apartment and move in with Emma and Kitty, Owen has a hard time saying goodbye to their old apartment.
  • S2E04- Wife Swap: While hanging out with Tyler, Geoff and Owen, they watch a show called Total Wife Swap. When Duncan brags about how easy that'll be, Tyler challenges him to a bet; to enter the show and swap Courtney for Lindsay, for one week. However Duncan finds Lindsay harder to live with than Courtney.
  • S2E05 and E06- Party it up parts 1 and 2: When TV producers discover Geoff's talent for music they approach him to judge a show called, Party it Up, a show that helps to find Canada's greatest partier. Together with Chris, Zoey and Duncan, Geoff scours the nation to find the best partier, the worlds ever seen.
  • S2E07- Zoey Pox: When Zoey catches a nasty case of the measles, Mike decides to stay at hers and look after her, but finds that Zoey is a tough patient to look after.
  • S2E08- Snowed in at Christmas: After a successful last minute Christmas shopping spree, the Petrojivonjic family (Geoff, Bridgette, Austin and Brittany), along with Nadine, get ready for Christmas eve, only to wake up to a snow in. Is Christmas ruined for the Petrojivonjics or will festive force have all the answers?

note: This is the Christmas special for TDATD

  • S2E09- Cheer Girl: When looking over old photographs of herself in High school, Courtney decides to go back to school and get into cheer-leading again and drags Duncan with her.
  • S2E10- Chaos at the Con: Harold and his friend Desanto enter a super Hero cosplay competition at the San-Diego Comic Con, but arrive to find stiff competition from Courtney, aka: The Human Cricket!
  • S2E11- That puts a ring round things: After a luxury cruise holiday, The Petrojivonjics finally arrive home, but Bridgette accidently slips and loses her wedding ring in the ocean, so Geoff decides to hire a speed boat from his friend Sharky and go looking for it.
  • S2E12- The Choco-oink Mystery: After reports of stolen Choco-oinks throughout the neighborhood begin to spring up, Spud and Rock decide to take the matter into their own hands.
  • S2313- Owen- The Squirrelinator!: as penance for stealing boxes of Choco-oinks while sleep walking, Owen is tasked with the job of clearing up a recent squirrel infestation in the neighborhood.
  • S2E14- Viral Dunce: When Tyler's embarrassing sports fails are caught on camera, he tries to outdo the videos, by uploading his own viral videos.
  • S2E15- Anger Dismanagement- After freaking out in the mall and hammering a mall cop, Eva is sentenced to anger management classes, with Silent B.
  • S2E16- The Flashion mob: After Lindsay gains a new obsession of Flashion mobbing (Taking pics of other people in their various pieces of clothing) Beth struggles to hide her dirty fashion secret.
  • S2E17- Geoff and the Big Wave: While out surfing with Brody, Geoff learns about the world's biggest wave and sets out to ride it.
  • S2E18- Sleep puncher: After watching an all night kung-fu movies marathon and eating loads of baked beans, Owen begins to fight in his sleep, which spells big trouble for Noah, Emma and Kitty.
  • S2E19- Abnormi-Dave: Throughout the his life Dave has thought of the un-normal as annoying and freaky, but when Dave decides to embrace it, will he take it too far.
  • S2E20- Going wide: When Alejandro gets dumped by Heather, he slides into a deep slump and gains 20 pounds. After seeing him in his new state, Heather forces him onto a get fit quick regime.
  • S2E21- The Problem with Mal: After years of incarceration, after being freed from Mike, Mal finds it difficult to fit in with society and ends up seeing a psychiatrist, with bad results.
  • S2E22- Twin-sanity!: Geoff and his family, visit his sisters, Amy and Sammy in Ottawa, but quickly regrets the trip after the twins constant bickering.
  • S2E23- The Longest fart: Owen attempts to break the world record for the longest time holding fart, but will the fart be too big to handle?.
  • S2E24- The Hawaiian Lottery: When a romantic holiday to Hawaii is up for grabs in the local lottery, instead of cash, Geoff decides to enter for him and Bridgette.
  • S2E25- Breaking up and Making Up in Hawaii (Part 1): After the events of last episode, Bridgette and Geoff take their Holiday to Hawaii. However while they're there, Geoff meets a radical surf girl, known as Kelsey, who he begins to swoon over, much to Bridgette's disappointment. In the end Geoff breaks up with Bridgette and proposes to Kelsey.

S2E26- Breaking up and Making Up in Hawaii (Part 2): After Bridgette's divorced by Geoff, for Kelsey, she desperately tries to stop the wedding. Is Kelsey really all she makes out to be and will Bridgette be able to stop the wedding in time? Note: This two parter serves as the Season 2 finale.

Season 3

  • S3E01- Stuck in a closet: After a swanky party at the PetrojiVonjic family household, to celebrate Bridgette and Geoff's re-marriage, Courtney and Owen get stuck together in their closet. When Owen gets the toots real bad, things get complicated.
  • S3E02- Frizzy Hair: When Kitty wakes from bed, with really frizzy hair, she decides to keep it, with unexpected results.
  • S3E03- Harold Mania: Harold's online Youtube account; Harold TV, begins to gain a large amount of subscribers, will Harold allow the fame to get to his head?
  • S3E04- Turning over a new Heather: After a heated chat room argument with Gwen online, Heather begins to notice how mean she really is and tries desperately to make up to Gwen for everything she's done in the past.
  • S3E05- Lightning For The Gold: Lightning is noticed for his running skills during a pep rally, by Coach T-Sweat of the Canadian Olympics team. He signs Lightning for the 100 metres race at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Meanwhile Jacques and Josee are preparing for yet another attempt at gold in the Olympics.
  • S3E06- Love Stinks: As test of their relationship, Ryan signs himself and Stephanie up to Survival Island.
  • S3E07- The Rise of Max-man: After being let out of prison, for previous misguided crimes, Max sees the errors of his ways and decides to become a hero, becoming Max-Man!
  • S3E08- Where's Mike: When Zoey loses Mike, while the two are out shopping, she searches the world for him.
  • S3E09- The Big G-day: When everyone goes missing on his birthday, Geoff begins to suspect something's up.
  • S3E10- Safe Deposit Noah: After managing to stop a petty criminal from robbing the local bank, Noah is praised as a hero. But when the criminal escapes prison he frames Noah. Will Detective Kitty and her sidekick Emma, be able to prove Noah's innocence, before he's carted off to jail.
  • S3E11- The Gamble Game: During a night out with Duncan and his friends, Courtney develops an unhealthy addiction to Gambling and right on the eve of an important meeting with her business colleagues.
  • S3E12- Kelsey's Revenge: When Kelsey is released from Prison, to take revenge on Bridgette for foiling her plans, she gets cosmetic surgery to look like Bridgette and tries to replace her.
  • S3E13- TD Reunion: To celebrate Total Drama turning Ten, Chris invites the gang to evening of mystery and gossip at his private mansion.
  • S3E14- Trent Falls for Gwen: After being dumped by his latest girl friend, Trent begins to realize that he only has eyes for one girl in his life; Gwen and tries to get back together again.
  • S3E15- A killer oportunitie: After being noticed for his singing talents Cody is offered a recording contract and a world tour, with tons of cash. When Mr Killer, notices this he decides to replace the original manager himself and take Cody around the world, to rake in the cash.
  • S3E16- The Fashion Photo: After Lindsay Flashion Mobing barrage last year, Ramone, Justin's former publicist, realizes how good Lindsay is and is determined to beat her efforts.
  • S3E17- The First Spooky Kiss: It's Halloween in Ontario and Noah, Owen and the sisters decide to visit the oldest house in the neighborhood for their first kiss, only problem is it's haunted!.
  • S3E18- The Quest: When Leonard and Tammy find a treasure map in a chest up in his uncle's loft, they decide to try and find it's treasure.
  • S3E19- Don's Daily Dose: When Don's favorite hair gel is discontinued, he travels to the company to convince them to rethink their idea.
  • S3E20- Lost in the Mall: Once they were done shopping in the mall, Katie and Sadie decide to head home and try on their new outfits, but first Sadie heads to the loo. However when she comes back out, she discovers the malls closed with her trapped inside.
  • S3E21- Games girls play: On a sleepover slumber party at Beth's, Lindsay and Courtney discover that Beth takes her board games seriously.
  • S3E22- The Chef Show: Chef Hatchet takes over the show to read fan-mail and give us glimpse at what life is like behind the scenes of the show.
  • S3E23- Total Drama Dunzo (Part 1): When the producers threaten cancellation of Total Drama, Chris rallies the gang to convince them it's still worth another shot.
  • S3E24- Total Drama Dunzo (Part 2): When it's realized that there maybe a former enemy of Chris' behind the possible cancellation, The gang are forced to work with the producers to discover who the rat is.
  • Note: This two parter serves as the 2 part finale of the third season.

Well there you have it guys, I hope you enjoyed it and please comment down with your thoughts on it below, I'll be interested to see what you think and as always see Ya later!

P.S- if you want more TDATD adventures, catch the follow-up blog, featuring Season's 4 and 5 here:

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