Hi guys, MrQuest17 here. Today I've decided to share with you one of my own ideas for a new season of total drama. My new season will be called Robotic Revenge, with the main theme being about robots Here's my synopsis for it: After Pahkitew island went haywire last season, Chris has decided to try and resurrect Camp Wawanakwa, however this time the island's turned mechanical and dangerous new robotic creatures have taken residence on the island, making it ecological death trap. Chris thinks what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Wawanakwa than to throw 22 brand new contestants onto the newly robotized island and put them through dangerous challenges around the island in order to win another cash prize of 1 million dollars. The series will consist of 26 episodes and feature a new cast of characters. Here's the characters:

Brittany- The emo surfer- Brittany is one of the two kids of Bridgette and Geoff, she is an emo loving girl, who wants to follow in her mothers footsteps and loves to try and help out others. She wears a black hoodie with pink and aqua blue stripes patterned around it, she has a very similar appearance to her mother.

Austin- party guy 2.0- Austin is a laid back teen who loves to take it easy in life, he is the brother to Brittany and son of Bridgette and Geoff and prefers to party rather than study for exams. He relies on his sister a lot, especially when he's having girl problems due to being very shy. He tends to wear a blue jacket with nothing but a shark tooth necklace underneath, a cowboy hat like his dad. He looks a lot like his dad and except for the fact he has brown hair.

Cindy- the cute witch- Cindy is an uber cute teenage girl, who constantly gets her way as an effect of this. However she uses this to her advantage and makes a lot of the other contestants fall in awe of her. when this happens she uses all sorts of different tactics to help her frame her fellow competitors and turn the tides in her favour. Her preferred colours are pink and red and she wears a pink tank top, with a red jacket over top, a red bow in her long hazel coloured hair, with skinny jeans a lot like Zoey's. She ultimately plans to use the prize money to help her launch her own show: The Cindy show.

Angie- the super stretch- Angie is an elite athlete with a soft side, she trained 24 hours a day before signing up for Total drama. In fact she trained so much that her body's literally become malleable and stretchy. She wears a lavender tracksuit and is often seen wearing a whistle around her neck. while she values winning, her overall goal is to make friends and help as much as possible. She has her brown her tied back in a pony tail.

Seth- The grim goth- Seth is a constantly pessimistic teen who wears black reaper like clothes and can be very mean towards others. He also has a passion for spray painting because he believes it to be the language of todays youth and generally loves vandalizing personal property . He plans to use the prize money to open his own spray painting art studio.

Bull- the American football brute Bull is a very chubby teen, however he says that his sport requires it and uses this as an excuse to eat unhealthily. He is one of three brothers, all of which have signed up for Total drama. It's shown that he's not exactly the brightest contestant on the show in terms of intelligence, but he makes up for it with his strength. His brothers often get on his case about his weight, but ultimately except it, due to the strength it brings him. He wears the kind of outfit you'd see a normal American footballer wearing in red and white.

Nadine- the kind hearted princess Nadine is a young African American teenager, who just recently moved to Canada, she signed up to Total Drama, to try and make a few new friends and to find a boy friend. While she may not be an actual princess, it's a nickname she's carried with her since kindergarten, due to her good looks. She is also known to be a very good leader and does her best to help her team through tough situations. She mainly wears a black t-shirt with an insignia very similar to the one found on Leshawna's top. She has her black hair down in two braids and wears really long black stockings with some black leather boots.

To-bot- The mechanical boy- To-bot like his name implies is a robot, in fact he is the first robotic contestant to compete on Total Drama. This makes it very hard for him, due to the fact he has no emotions, but ultimately he tries to put a smile on and help as much as he can, much to the annoyance of his dad: Professor Spankmire, who's also signed up, to keep his robot in check. His dad often uses him when taking blame, but unfortunately he just has to deal with it. He one day wishes to find a girl friend, but can't see it being soon.

Professor Spankmire- the mad scientist- Professor Spankmire is the dad to both To-bot and Anne Droid. He created them to help him trick Chris into thinking that they were real teens, and as they were robots they'd have incredible abilities that humans don't, meaning he thought they'd easily win the prize money, he would of used the money to fund the building of an entire army of robots , so that he could take over the world. However his kids grew a mind of their own and so he began to become a bit overbearing with them and signed up to Total Drama in the process, because he doesn't trust his kids to be able to achieve his mission.

Alvin- The Elvis impersonator- Alvin is a truly dedicated fan to the rock god: Elvis, so much so he actually wears an exact replica of Elvis' clothing and his has his blond hair in the style of Elvis. He can often be very oblivious to what's going on around him, as he tends to pose constantly even when there is no camera men around. He wants to win the money so that he can ultimately follow in the footsteps of Elvis and become one of the biggest rock sensations of the century.

Tyson- The reflex guy - Tyson is the younger brother to both Bull and Buckner, he however has the best reflexes of the three brothers, which makes him a champion at dodgebawl. However this the only thing they respect him for, because unlike his brothers he doesn't want to be a sports personality in the future and most times wishes he didn't have his great reflexes for that reason and because he keeps being mistaken as a jock because of this. His greatest obstacle however would be how affectionate he can be. This is shown in his relationship with fellow contestant Brittany, who he's recently started dating.

Edmund- the bragger- Edmund used to be a classmate of Total Drama star Harold and since achieving better grades than Harold at school, has gained a very show off like personality. He often likes to brag about these achievements to others and compares himself with the likes of Albert Einstein and other great minds. whenever he's in a bad situation he often says it's because of Harold, this often really irritates Harold. He wears a small pear of glasses, an aqua green t-shirt and some blue jeans. He has a huge quaff of greyish black hair above his long pencil like nose.

Dexter- the boy genius- Dexter is one of the world's smartest people, or so he claims. He is very clever and will often offer to help solve anybody's problem, without even the slightest concern for his safety, and this isn't great considering he's the size of a large football. He gets picked on a lot due to this and is often mistaken for a toddler. He has a worry that hey may get kicked around on Total Drama a lot, but believes it's the best way to show off his genius to the world, due to being on international television.

Anne droid- Anne droid is the sister to To-bot and the invention/daughter of Professor Spankmire. She like every other teenage girl is often very gossipy and likes to talk about other people's feelings due to not having any. She wants to find her own way in life, rather than let her dad dictate it. To do this she often asks for help from Brittany who is happy to help to her, but as of late is wondering if the friendship maybe damaging to her body.

Sasha- The cheer girl- Sasha is the head of the cheer team back at her high school in southern Ontario. She's often crowded by a lot men due to her extremely good looks, but declines their invitation every time, saying she is looking for someone who is like her, who loves to cheer. Being her loving self though, she usually takes them out on a date anyway, this is also due to her conflicted feelings that she gets whenever she's near a guy.

Clay- the workaholic farm boy- Clay being raised on a farm, has grown up learning the value of work. He's learnt that it's great to help people and loves to do it. He often however takes this to the extreme and thanks to it he is in the hospital a lot. He says that he often just has an uncontrollable urge to help everyone, often ending in pain. He tends to wear the typical farmers outfit, so basically a pear of blue dungeree's, a straw hat and a grey t-shirt and denim jeans, with no shoes.

Roxy- The super fan girl- Roxy is a big comic book reader, she is the head of her comic book club back at her high school. She loves them so much that she wears a home made superhero costume every day, and is constantly trying to fly and do other heroic feats, but ultimately every attempt either just gets her in trouble or badly injured. She signed up to Total Drama so that she could find her true calling in life and to also find something else she can do instead of being a superhero.

Chauntelle- The meditator- Chauntelle has one passion in life that's to be at peace with herself and the earth. She loves to meditate, however she always does it in the most inopportune spots and this cause a lot of trouble for her team. There's that and the fact that she can be quite creepy as well, her mystic phrases often creep out her teammates. She wears a yellow jumped, with a shell necklace around her neck and flower ring on her head. Her hair is vibrant magenta colour and is very long.

Marsha- The fish girl- Marsha is an extreme lover of the ocean and has built up love with a lot of the different sea creatures that can be found there, so much so that she's actually able to summon them whenever she wants. she has a really clear hate of anyone who likes to eat seafood and likes to wear a suit similar to that of Neptune's, along with a tiara and trident. Her goal's of protecting the sea, stop her from getting anywhere in the competition, there's that and sometimes she truly thinks she's a fish, which means she believes she can't breathe air.

Buckner- the team captain- Buckner is the older brother to both Tyson and Bull, and the typical type of person you would find as the leader of an American football team. He always very bossy and is always first to ask for the team captain position on any team. He likes to try and find the potential in his teammates and to do this he works them really hard, because he believes that working for something is the only true way to accomplish anything. He also likes to tease his little brother Tyson, who does not want to be a sportsman. Buckner usually says that anything else is an egghead pursuit and that it isn't something that requires true work. He wears shoulder pads, along with a blue, red and yellow sports top. He's got stripes of war paint on his face and has white hair, sticking up.

Conrad- the cheeraholic- Conrad is very live and bubbly teen, who has an obsession with the art of cheerleading, so much so that his two pompoms are constantly stuck to his hands. He quite often bursts out in some sort of ridiculous cheer that relates to nothing, however his short statue often means he gets trampled on a lot. He tends to wear nothing but his boxer shorts and has a huge c painted onto his chest with some black sports trainers. The only reason he signed up to the show to find something to cheer for and also to find a girlfriend who also loves cheerleading.

Phee- the protestor- Phee is teen who takes it upon himself to constantly protest. if there is something wrong, that doesn't like he will start to protest about it. He decided to sign up for Total drama, so that he could show the world how bad the show really is and to try and convince the network to pull the show. His constant protesting is often seen as very obnoxious and annoying from most of the other contestants competing and he some times even takes time from the competition to stand and complain some random thing, which means his team would lose.

Teams: Iron fists: Brittany, Austin , Cindy, Bull, Alvin, Tyson, Edmund, Anne-droid, Roxy, Buckner and Marsha

Iron Bellies: Angie, Seth, Nadine, To-bot, Professor Spankmire, Dexter, Sasha, Clay, Chauntelle, Conrad and Phee

Elimination order 1st TBA 2nd TBA 3RD TBA 4TH TBA 5TH TBA 6TH TBA 7TH TBA 8TH TBA 9TH TBA 10TH TBA 11TH TBA 12TH TBA 13TH TBA 14TH TBA 15TH TBA 16TH TBA 17TH TBA 18TH TBA 19TH TBA 20TH TBA 21ST TBA 22ND TBA well there you have it guys, there's the teams and characters. For the elimination I think I'll let you guys decide who goes when. Please leave who you want to go first down below with a reason as to why. For the rest I'll be doing an update blog on this every week, until there is only two players left standing, at which point I'll be having a vote off to decide the winner. Oh and by the way, the character who is mentioned the most each week will be the one that is eliminated.

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