Hi guys, as we already know it's been confirmed that we will be seeing new contestants in the future seasons of Total Drama, and I would like to know whether you have any ideas for future contestants that may compete. However I think that I must set a few ground rules: 1. the character must be believable 2. they must be a human 3. they must have some sort of reason for wanting to win Here's a few of my ideas for new contestants:

Seth (the grim Goth)- Seth is a constantly pessimistic teen who wears black reaper like clothes and can be very mean towards others. He also has a passion for spray painting because he believes it to be the language of todays youth and generally loves vandalizing personal property.He plans to use the prize money to open his own spray painting art studio.

Cindy(the cute witch)- Cindy is an uber cute teenage girl, who constantly gets her way as an effect of this. However she uses this to her advantage and makes a lot of the other contestants fall in awe of her. when this happens she uses all sorts of different tactics to help her frame her fellow competitors and turn the tides in her favour. Her preferred colours are pink and red and she wears a pink tank top, with a red jacket over top, a red bow in her long hazel coloured hair, with skinny jeans a lot like Zoey's. She ultimately plans to use the prize money to help her launch her own show: The Cindy show.

Conrad ( the Cheeraholic)- Conrad is very live and bubbly teen, who has an obsession with the art of cheerleading, so much so that his two pompoms are constantly stuck to his hands. He quite often bursts out in some sort of ridiculous cheer that relates to nothing, however his short statue often means he gets trampled on a lot. He tends to wear nothing but his boxer shorts and has a huge c painted onto his chest with some black sports trainers. The only reason he signed up to the show to find something to cheer for and also to find a girlfriend who also loves cheerleading.

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