Hi guys, MrQuest17 back once more with another awesom blog today. Now recently I know my idea for a TD spinoff has gained some positive feedback so today, I'm deciding to  write a follow up blog to it. In this blog I will be giving you the plots for Season 4 and 5 of TDATD. This will be my last blog on the subject however, because I think it would become overkill  otherwise and I don't really want that to happen. In these two seasons however I will be giving them both a separate theme, this time round to help mix things up a bit more,, where as the last 3 featured very random plots, these will still have those crazy and random adventures in them, but there may also be some sort of focus laced into the season. Like for instance my fourth season will have quite a bit of emphasis on the character Duncan, anyway I think I've explained that enough, so here's the plots for the season 4 and 5 episodes. If you missed the first blog, here's a link to it:

Season 4

  • S4E01- Facing Non-reality: After the final season of Total Drama finished last week, Chris is having trouble adapting to non-reality TV life.
  • S4E02- TDATD: A look back: Bridgette and Geoff take viewers on a trip down memory lane, as they look back at all the crazy adventures that took place in the first three seasons.
  • S4E03- Love at first Spray: When Seth is busy spray-painting and vandalizing the under belly of the Ontario North Bridge, he meets a fellow spray painter named Morgan, who shares the same interests as him. Will he make the first move.
  • S4E04- The Peanut Prank: When the rotten manager of the local S Mart, Harvey Super begins to lose business on his S-Mart brand peanuts, He tries to black mail his customers into advertising them, threating exposure of embarrasing school photos.
  • S4E05- Duncan Vs The Sly Fox: When reports break out of a super stealthy property vandal around the neighborhood, Duncan is tasked with the dutie of catching him, to make up for past schemes gone wrong.
  • S4E06- Science Party: With the annual Science fair at their school coming up fast, Ellody and Mary hire Brody and Geoff to help them with ideas, however it turns out that the surfer bros idea is one big Science Party!
  • S4E07- Owen- The Squirrelintor II; The Nut Rebellion: When the squirrels return and steal the bulk amount of nuts for Ontario's annual Nut fest, Owen leaps into action once more!.
  • S4E08- The Four ways of Love: When Devin begins to fall back in love with his Tennis partner Shelly, Carrie uses four different methods of temptation to get him back.
  • S4E09- Max-Man Rules the night: When Scarlett finds out Max has renounced his evil ways and has become Max-Man, she dresses up as an evil bigger super villain to try and persuade him back to the darkside.
  • S4E10- Love or Law?(Part 1): When Emma, finally gets admission into Law School, she has to choose between her affections for Noah or a career in law.
  • S4E11- Love or Law?(Part 2): After deciding to head to Law School, Emma has trouble fitting in and wonders whether she should go back for Noah.
  • S4E12- The Decorator: As both Noah and Emma have headed off to Law School together, Kitty and Owen have the house to themselves. However when they mess up the house, it's clear they're not good house-keepers and when Noah does a U-turn on his discision, Kitty and Owen must clean up fast.
  • S4E13- Punk Shore: While over in the UK as an international ambassador for Party It Up, Duncan catches the attention of the UK Music channel, FTV, who want him to participate in their new Reality TV Show; Geordie Bay.
  • S4E14- Nerd War: After Cameron jokes that Harold is too nerdy for his own good on his YT Channel, The Camera, Harold fights back and the two ignite a fan war.
  • S4E15- Dudeology-When Brody gets kicked out of his job at the Surf Shack, Geoff helps him get his childhood dream job of being a Zoo-Keeper.
  • S4E16- Ride to absolute Thunder: As a reward for saving the Manager of Turbo-World, Lightning is honored with a ride, named after him, called the Sha-BAM Coaster. However when it comes time for Lightning to ride it, Lightning can't find the courage.
  • S4E17- Future Flaws: While having her fortune told at the carnival by Madame zargo, Lindsay discovers that something bad is going to happen to Beth and sets out to stop it.
  • S4E18- The Curse of Duncan: When Duncan accidently insults a shady waitress at the local Pizza Shack restaurant, She curses him with 7 years bad luck. At first Duncan calls it absolute baloney, but when bad things start happening to him, he begins to believe.
  • S4E19- Didgeri-don't: While visiting her family in Australia, Jasmine learns how to play the Didgeridoo. When she arrives home in Canada, she begins to annoy her friends with constant Didgeridoo playing. 
  • S4E20- Dirty By Law: After Owen refuses to take a shower, after his pit stink begins to become unbearable, Kitty and Noah ttry all the tricks in the book to get him clean.
  • S4E21- Rise of the Backgrounders: After production on the latest episode of TDATD wraps up, the extras of the show decide to take over the studio and show viewers their adventures. 
  • S4E22- Fear the Mask: When DJ, watches a scary movie about a sinister ghostly mask, he gains a phobia of masks, too bad it's HALLOWEEN!. 
  • S4E23- Too Rich for irritation: After one argument too many, Kelly and Taylor's ritzy next-door neighbor Shmoz, decides to take legal action. 
  • S4E24- Junior Bieber: While walking down the street, Junior accidently gets mistaken for pop star Justin Bieber, by Justin's manager and is accidently taken on Bieber's world tour, instead of Bieber.
  • S4E25- The End of Duncan(Part 1): Duncan is declared a fugitive by the mayor of Ontario, after false accusations come about.
  • S4E26- The End of Duncan(Part 2): After Duncan's name has been cleared, he discovers the real culprit is a close friend and must make one of the most important decisions of his life.
  • Note: This two-parter serves as the finale of Season Four. 

Season 5

  • S5E01- The search for Duncan: After Duncan's departure last season, the mayor of Ontario proclaims the city to be a lot safer, however when he notices things are still going wrong, he realizes it wasn't Duncan after all and teams up with Courtney and Gwen on a desperate search to find him.
  • S5E02- Jo vs Macarthur: After arguing with commanding officer, Jo is demoted to the captain of the police cadets, which just happens to be the very group that Macarthur's a part of. When Jo's leadership skills become too harsh, Macarthur takes a stand.
  • S5E03- The New Obsession: When Sierra's obsession with Cody, accidently gets him severely injured, she sets out to find a new obsession.
  • S5E04- Kung Fu Kitty: After being mugged by thieves on the way home from the gym, Kitty decides to take up Kung Fu lessons, to help protect herself.
  • S5E05- The unemployment protocol: When Mcarthur, gets fired from the Police Cadets, she's forced to go and try out for a new job, with bad results.
  • S5E06- Eco-Freaks: Laurie and Miles take their campaign against environmental damage, to a whole new level.
  • S5E06- Bear Hugs too much: Duncan tries to hide from his friend; Bunker when his big bear hugs become too unbearable
  • S5E07- One of the jocks: During a pep rally at the local American football club, Zoey's forced to face her fear once more.
  • S5E08- Chris-mas!: When Chris decides to take over Santa's Christmas Eve duties, it looks like Christmas won't be happening this year.
  • Note: This is the second Christmas Special for TDATD
  • S5E09- Yo,Yo, Homie Zeke: Ezekiel, asks his brother Mr Killer to help him become cool.
  • S5E10- Old Student Dwayne: After Dwayne manages to fail a general knowledge government assessment, Dwayne is sent back to High School, that high school ends up being Junior's high school!
  • S5E11- The Comedy Step: After word spreads of Chet and Lorenzo's locally popular comedy show, based in their basement, TV producers give them the chance to go global.
  • S5E12- Dawn vs the Trash Witch: When Dawn returns from her holiday in Africa, she discovers her friend, Erica has developed a mean personality and has become a litter-bug
  • S5E13- The Captain Code: When Buckner gets recruited as the new team captain for the Ontario Otters soccer team, he finds he can't help when disaster strikes due to the Captains Code.
  • S5E14- The Spelling Bee: Leonard accidently signs up to a spelling bee believing it to be an actual wizard spell-off
  • S5E15- Battle of the Band-mates: After their latest band practice, Mia of the A-Type psychotic Crazies believes it's time for a new band-leader and proposes a battle of the band leaders between her and Courtney.
  • S5E16- Darth Zoey: During a celebrity charity Soccer game, Zoey accidently bumps her head on the goal post after failing to save a goal and discovers her dark side.
  • S5E17- Spys For Pies: While out at the Ontario central park Owen gets kidnapped by the CIA and is asked to track down Mr Killer, who's lateley been up to no good, Owen refuses but is tempted back with the promise of pie.
  • S5E18-Slasher Love: To prove how strong his love is for his wife; Courtney, Duncan auditions for the role of Jason Todd in the latest Slasher pic. 
  • S5E19- A close encounter of the Owen Kind: After winning a cerial box competition, where the prize is a trip to NASA, Owen accidently stumbles into a rocket and blasts off to space.
  • S5E20- Surreal Cindy: Cindy begins to film and air her own fashion show on Youtube, much to the annoyance of all her social media followers.
  • S5E21- The Beat Goes On: When Harold is beaten by a fellow Beat Boxer in a street rap battle, Leshawna steps up to the plate. 
  • S5E22- Jo Goes Girly: After being forced to sit through a beauty pageant on TV, while babysitting her cousin, Jo has a change of heart and hires, Zoey, Brittany and Lindsay to help get through to her girly side.
  • S5E23- The Book Ban: When The mayor passes a rule, banning the reading of non-fictional books, due to being misguided by them several times, Noah finds it hard to adapt. 
  • S5E24- Emma's return: After one long year of law school, Emma finally returns to Ontario and find that Noah's moved on. Emma set's out to rekindle her relationship with him
  • S5E25- The Drama -nado(Part 1): After the combination of all the weirdness surrounding Ontario, materializes into an actual form, the gang have to stop it from destroying Ontario and earth.
  • S5E26- The Drama-nado(Part 2): After their best efforts, end in Mr Killer, taking control of the Drama-nado, the gang has a battle on their hands .
  • Note: This is the two-part finale to TDATD Season 5  

Season 6

  • S6E01- Personality Busters: After the attack of the great Drama-nado, Mike's personalities are accidently freed from his conscious like Mal was ages ago and they start to go on the rampage. To stop the carnage Mike and Zoey team up with Mal and Cameron to stop them.
  • S6E02- The Twin Thing: After being compared to her blander sister, Amy decides to go under the knife and gets plastic surgery to look different.
  • S6E03- Breaking the Jail: Due to his takeover of the Drama-nado and attempt to destroy the world(for the one millionth time) Mr Killer is thrown behind bars. However he decides to throw the biggest jail break out of all time.
  • S6E04- Doggie Days: Duncan's dog Rex, decides to go off on an adventure of his own, when Courtney and Duncan are out at the shops.
  • S6E05- Too many Rocks to roll: When their viral video goes live, Rock and Spud gain instant fame. But when the fans start copying him, Rock must prove he's the one and only Rock.
  • S6E06-The Ruccus Race: After being released from jail, for trying to take out Chris, Mr McGillis decides to open up a race in Ontario and places one million bucks at the end of the most dangerous canyon in the area; Bone-Break Canyon. Craziness ensues.
  • S6E07- A Winters Night Dream: After drinking himself to sleep on a dull and snowy night, Duncan enters a weird dream world and discovers his destiny; divorcing Courtney and marrying either Zoey or Bridgette!
  • S6E08- The Cam-Hunt: After Cameron catches a whiff of Lightning's pit odour, during a Soccer Game, Lightning threatens Cameron with violence. However when Cameron blabs Lightning's secret on Live TV, Lightning goes on the hunt for Cam.
  • S6E09- Noah the cop: After Noah's efforts to try and apprehend a criminal at the local Bank are recognized by the OCPD, they hire him on the spot to replace Mcarthur in the force.
  • S6E10- The Brodysitter: This episode is a reverse angle episode, where we find out what Brody got up to,while looking after the Petrojivonjic household whilst the Petrojivonjics were in Hawaii, for the re-marriage of Bridgette and Geoff.
  • S6E11- Dadtastrophe: After Geoff's dad says that Duncan's dad has raised his son into a real punk, Mr Nelson takes Geoff's Dad to court, ending in a serious brawl.

Note: this is the Father's Day special

  • S6E12- Camping with Crazy: When Izzy, takes Owen out on a camping trip on Boney island, they end up getting lost and Emma, Kitty and Noah end up having to rescue them.
  • S6E13- The Drama Squad: Warden Lest assembles a group of TD's most notorious enemies and get's them to clean the streets of crime.
  • S6E14- Girl's Night: Brittany and Carrie decide to hold a girl's night out for themselves, Zoey, Lindsay and Gwen, but when the guys arrive things start getting crazy.
  • S6E15- Bearded Brawlers: When Owen sleeps in, he awakes to find he's grown a large beard, and soon discovers the international sport of Bear Brawling, ending in a fight with it's creator


  • S6E16- I Bet on Pahkitew: When Chris makes a bet towards some of his friends that he could revive Pahkitew Island, after it's impromptu Explosion in TDRR, he has to find a way to revive it or risk becoming penniless.
  • S6E17- Virtual Nightmare: Part 1: Attack of the Orcs: On the night before Halloween, Harold asks Duncan, Mike, Zoey, Owen and Dj to test a brand new Virtual Reality game, he's testing called Horror Fantasy. However when the game malfunctions they get stuck in the game and have to get through the first level the Orc Raid.
  • S6E18- Virtual Nightmare: Part 2:Journey to the center of Darkness: Continuing on their medieval fantasy adventure the gang come a dark cave and forced to face their darkest fears.
  • S6E19- Virtual Nightmare: Part 3: Horror of the Sands: On the next step of their journey, the heroes are forced to trek through a deadly desert and fight Mummies along the way, getting ever closer to finishing the game.
  • S6E20-Virtual Nightmare: Part 4: The Rocky Road: The Heroes are fast approaching their final obstacle, but first have to conquer the Death Road, full of horror, dangers unimaginable and more.
  • S6E21- Virtual Nightmare: Part 5: Welcome to the Castle of Fear: The Heroes reach the final level of the game, Count Fangula's castle. Will they be able to stop the Count and will Harold be able to work out a way to free them!?

Note:This is the 5-part TDATD Halloween special, that would air throughout the week of Halloween.

  • S6E22- Legend of the Magicrafter: After failing in wizardry, Leonard decides to go into medieval construction. Unfortunately he can't resist adding a bit of magic to the proceedings.
  • S6E23- Bridgette the Kahuna: While visiting Courtney in Hawaii, Bridgette decides to enter the local Big Kahuna of Hanahuna surfing tournament, but faces tough competition from locals Ginger and Ethan.
  • S6E24- Make it or Break it: When one of Duncan's pranks goes too far, Courtney begins to regret her marriage to him.
  • S6E25- The Indie Town Wedding(Part 1): After being divorced by Courtney, so that she could get more focus on her music career, Duncan begin's to remember his destiny and what was said in the dream, so he invites Zoey to a lunch at the Pizza Shack to talk things over. In the end he ends up proposing to Zoey.
  • S6E26- The Indie Town Wedding(Part 2): After Duncan's proposal, Zoey accepts and the two are to be wed, but will Mike accept the wedding or will he try to stop it. Meanwhile Courtney's hitting it up big time as a famous pop star.

Note:This serves as the Season Six two part finale

Season 7

  • S7E01- The Honeyloons: After the events of last season's finale, Duncan and Zoey head out on their honeymoon. However Duncan accidently mixes up the tickets and the pair end up in Pakistan.
  • S7E02-Going Low-ki: When the Goths attend the San-Diego Comic Con, they are forced to dress up like Bunnies, to avoid the mad fans.
  • S7E03-Double Date Disaster: When Duncan accidently sets up a double date with him and Zoey and Courtney and her boyfriend, he soon finds out that Courtney doesn't actually have a boyfriend.
  • S7E04- D.I DJ: After he and his mom are robbed, instead of calling the police, DJ decides to take things into his own hands.
  • S7E05-Owen the Squirrelinator III: The Final Nut: The squirrels come back once more and start to kidnap humans, so Owen is deployed one more time.
  • S7E06- Zoey goes punky: To adapt to her new married life with Duncan, Zoey decides to try and become a punk too, but finds the transition too much.
  • S7E07-The Pant Raid: After both Cameron and Devin's pants are stolen by Scott at the local pool, Carrie has to go and buy some more.
  • S7E08-What a Stretch: After Lindsay tells Tyler he can't be friends with Angie, he has to bend the truth to keep his friendship with Angie alive.
  • S7E09-Royally Rad: Geoff finds out that he could be royalty and is taken to the castle of a wealthy heiress for the reading of her will.
  • S7E10- A Ridonculous Request: Don tries every trick in the book to try and get the Network to renew TDPRR for a third Season.
  • S7E11-Disorder in the Court: After Emma gets her first law job as a judge in court, she finds a lot of her candidates to be very obnoxious, these include; Mr Killer, Mr McGillis and many more.
  • S7E12-The C-Factor: When Courtney's singing career truly takes off, she decides to open up her own talent competition to rival Party It Up, despite offers to join the PIU judging panel.
  • S7E13-Love for a Punk: After her talent show bombs, Courtney realises that something/someone is missing from her life and sets out to find them.
  • S7E14- Boys Night: After ruining the Girls night out, the guys decide to have their own night out on the town.
  • S7E15-Date unexpectations: Dwayne finds it hard to accept his son's new girl-friend Jenny, when Junior brings her back to the house.
  • S7E16-Tennis Arrivals: Gerry and Pete cause trouble in the airport, after they come back from a match at Wimbledon.
  • S7E17-Max-man vs Captain Alberta: When Harold decides to take up an interest in super heroing as Captain Alberta, Max-man is forced to prove he's the better Super Hero.
  • S7E18- Party it Up;World Tour: Geoff decides to take Party it up on a tour round the world, in order to find a wider variety of partiers.
  • S7E19-Brain or Brawn:When Ellody has a fall out with Mary, over a gone wrong science experiment, she begins to doubt whether science is really the answer and decides to become a body builder.
  • S7E20-Hot Rodney: After seeing a hot girl riding a motor cycle, Rodney vows to join her motorcycle gang and buys an anything but safe motor cycle
  • S7E21-Jumping Jacque: While out on break, after gym practice, Jacques accidently eats some Mexican Jumping Beans and goes bouncing round Paris, will Josee be able to save him?
  • S7E22- All jailed out: When the Ontario maximum security prison, gets too full, Mcarthur and Sanders are tasked with finding a suitable location to improsen half of them.
  • S7E23- The Pidgeon Man: When a video of a Dancing Pidegeon manages to obtain more views  than his ab work-out videos, Justin decides to try and replicate the Pidgeon's fame, by dressing up as one. However the Funky Pidgeon does not like the idea.
  • S7E24-Take me Back: Courtney realises that she misses Duncan and tries to convince him to end his marriage with Zoey.
  • S7E25-The Big Decision(Part 1): After a big fight between Courtney and Zoey erupts and causes chaos in Ontario, Duncan's forced to choose between them.
  • S7E26-The Big Decision(Part 2): Duncan finally makes his decision, but who has he picked, and who will kicked to the curve?
  • ​Note: This is the 2 part finale of Season 7, this is also the first time there will be alternate endings, with a voting system used to determine who Duncan picks.

Well there we have it guys that's the full fifth,fourth and sixth seasons of Total Drama After the Drama, hope you enjoyed and please comment down below with your thoughts, I'm interested to hear what you say. As always see ya later! 

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