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Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will be running throughout the year in conjunction with Project 10. Each week within 2017 we'll be taking a look at one of the Total Drama characters, including what we like and dislike about the character, how they've grown as a character and where they may go in the future. Yo Questers, I'm MrQuest17 and today we'll be looking at party dude; Geoff.


Introduced in the first season of Total Drama; TDI, Geoff was the most calm, cool and collected of the entire cast. He was placed on the Killer Bass, where he helped his team to work as team, garnering himself popularity with his team and making good friends in Duncan and DJ. Despite the problems he initially had trying to woo Bridgette, Geoff was able to show his affections in many ways, that others such as Courtney saw as ridiculous and managed to get Bridgette's affection as shown in Up the Creek, when Bridgette decides to mend the picture he'd gifted her. Later Geoff is shown to truly be one of the guys, when he works alongside DJ and Duncan to punish Harold for leaving his pants lying around the cabin, helping to execute a variety of pranks on Harold, such as carrying Harold's bed to the bay and underwear sandwiches. When Courtney tries to deny her affections for Duncan, he's shown to tease her about it, only making her more frustrated. Soon the guys alliance comes into action again, when Duncan arranges for Bridgette to be eliminated in Hide and Be Sneaky. This tests Geoff's love for Bridgette and against Duncan's orders, Geoff chooses love and doesn't vote for his girl, but is then punished by Duncan, being forced to sleep upside down from a tree. During the episode; Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon Geoff is targeted by the rest of the players, after forming a strong friendship with Gwen during the challenge. This was because he was too nice and eventually gets eliminated as an effect of this.

Geoff, alongside Bridgette return for the second season of the show; Total Drama Action, where they don't last long as their constant kissing gets annoying and the two are then subsequently eliminated during the second episode; Alien Resurr-eggtion. After this Geoff becomes the co-host of the TDA Aftermath, alongside Bridgette. However through the aftermaths Geoff begins to let his fame get to his head and instead of nicely interviewing the contestants, he sadistically manipulates them into spilling controversial information, through games such as "Truth or Hammer". This fact alone causes a rift between him and Bridgette, as she is shown to care for her fellow contestants and begins to call him names such as "Mr. Hollywood", due to his new attitude. Eventually after an electrifying game in an electric chair during the third TDA aftermath; Geoff relinquishes this attitude and recuperates with Bridgette. In the final aftermath, Geoff helps Bridgette to decide the winner of TDA, as well as make fun of Chris on international TV.

In the third season, Geoff does not return to compete, but rather just hosts the aftermath show for Total Drama World Tour, alongside initially Blaineley. In the first aftermath, Geoff is unhappy with Bridgette for clearly making out with Alejandro and tries his best to show no signs of forgiveness for her during her song, to which Geoff had grudgingly said she could sing. Blaineley is later able to manipulate this and gets the couple to fight in the ring, however their love is too strong and the two end up kissing instead. In the second aftermath; Geoff, alongside Bridgette and Blaineley work together to try and raise money for repairs to the TD Jumbo jet through a telethon. In the third aftermath Geoff discovers that Bridgette had been sent away on a fan tour by Blaineley and does everything in his power to humiliate her on live TV, singing the song; Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley and then getting her sent directly into the competition.

Geoff returns one last time in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, as part of the Surfer Bros alongside Brody. Geoff, throughout the show was generally very chill and calm about competing in the challenges, and has also had to pick up after Brody due to his stupidity from time to time. However this didn't damage his friendship with Brody and the two manage to come in first many times throughout the show. He also makes a variety of different friends and allies, some of which are the reason he finished in sixth initially. However after Carrie and Devin pull out, Geoff and Brody come back and go on to win the show in their ending.


I must admit that originally I was more neutral on Geoff than anything. I mean he was a fun character that provided a few laughs during the first season of Total Drama. I found his elimination in the end sad tbh, I mean I feel that the reason of elimination was also pretty lame, like really just because he was the nicest guy, crikeys.

When TDA came around, at first I was still pretty neutral on the character, with the only thing that annoyed being his continuous kissing with my fave character; Bridgette, it kind of got annoying after a while. However this reached a fever pitch when the Aftermaths rolled around, due to the fact that Geoff got overtaken by his fame and he started to be very irritating, however I feel his comeuppance was good enough for his character. In the TDWT aftermaths he kind of went back to being neutral for me, although his involvement with Blaineley was a lot of fun to watch.

Now going onto Ridonculous Race is where I truly fell in love with the character as in this spinoff, Geoff went back to his more laid-back self that I liked in the first season, but this time with Brody which made it even better. I loved the friendship he shared with Brody, and his personality in this season remind me a lot of myself. In the end I'm glad he managed to win alongside Brody, I know it's not a popular opinion, but overall after this season I became a big fan of Geoff, only making him second to my fave character; Bridgette.


Well those are just my opinions Questers, what are your opinion on everyone's favourite party boy, do leave your comments down below and don't forget to make use of the

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