Hi guys, MrQuest17 back today with this weeks Character Appreciation Quiz, and this week we'll be focusing on everyone's favourite soulful surfer; Bridgette!. This quiz will be split into three sections based on her TDI, TDA and TDWT performances.


  • Q3.- Which contestant has a vendetta against Bridgette, upon their return to the island in No Pain, No Game.?
  • Q4.- Which animal causes Geoff to stop mid-kiss, during her elimination?.
  • Q5. - Which contestant does she push away, while in the hot tub in Haute Camp-ture


  • Q1.- Where does she make out with Geoff, during the Monster Movie challenge?.
  • Q2. - Give one of the names she gave to Geoff, when he was fame-hungry, during TDA Aftermath.
  • Q3. - Which side of Gwent did she take during Aftermath 1?.
  • Q5. - What did she use to wacke some sense back into Geoff, during aftermath 3?.


  • Q2.- Who tried to huddle with her for warmth in the Yukon?
  • Q3.- What did she use to cover her head in shame in TDWT Aftermath 1.
  • Q4. - Which animal was playing the piano during her solo song; "Sorry"?.
  • Q5. - Name the bear she nurtured back to health?.

User SpotlightEdit

I can officially announce, that as the winner of last week's Quiz and by a close margin I may add, is: Joe Cling!

Congrats Joe dude, anyways that's it for another round of the Character Appreciation Quiz Blogs, don't forget to post your answers in the comments below and catch Glenn31 next week as he gives us his opinions, about Bubble Boy Cameron. Anyways as always Quest on and see ya later!

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