Hi guys, MrQuest17 back again with another Character Appreciation Week Quiz. This time round I will be quizzing you on everyone's favourite obnoxious blond host; Blaineley!. As this character has only appeared in one season, this quiz will be split into 5 TDWT questions and 5 General questions.


  • Q1-what was the name of the show originally hosted before coming to TD aftermath?.
  • Q4-Who did she claim to have interviewed for Celebrity Manhunt, during her Blainerific musical number?.
  • Q5- What revelation about Chris, did she reveal at the end of "Chinese Fake-Out"?.


  • Q1- Name Blaineley's voice actress.
  • Q2- What is Blaineley's real name?
  • Q3-Which character trait is she known for having?
  • Q4- What food did she rekindle love for in Niagra Brawls?.
  • Q5- How many Gemmies did she claim to have won in her Blainerific music number?.

User Spotlight

As all you know the prize for winning these quizzes is a User Spotlight, and as the winning user of last week's Character Appreciation Week Quiz, I can officially announce the winner of the Quiz:


RBW is a certified Lyler fan and the publisher of the CYOA blogs.

Congrats RBW dude, anyways that's if for this Character Appreciation Quiz, remember to leave your answers down below and the first person to answer them all correctly will win next weeks spotlight and don't forget to catch RBW next week, as he gives his views on the Army Cadet; Brick. As always Quest On and see ya later!

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