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Hi guys, MrQuest17 back today with this week's Character Appreciation Quiz. The character we'll be focusing on in question is the Wide-eyed Bubble Boy; Cameron. As usual the questions will be split into sections, based on TDROTI, TDAS and one in general with five questions each.


  • Q3- What dish did he try to serve to DJ, before Scott foiled his plans.
  • Q4- Which original cast contestant did Cameron share his phobia with?


  • Q1- Which contestant from the original cast, began to see him as Cody?
  • Q2 - In Zeek And Ye Shall Find, in which position did Alejandro leave Cameron in, after Cam refused his help?.
  • Q4 - How did he help Gwen and Zoey cross the acid lake in the finale?


  • Q1 - Kevin Duhaney; Cameron's voice actor also appeared in a popular live action kids show, which show was this?
  • Q2- Which Ridonculous Race contestant's design was originally going to be used for Cameron?
  • Q3- What scenery was used for the background of Cameron's audition tape?
  • Q4- His mom wore a purple variation of which TDPI contestants clothing?
  • Q5- Name one of Cameron's main traits.

User Spotlight

As the winner of last week's Character Appreciation quiz and this was a close one, I can officially announce the winner is:

File:Winxclubfan1 User Spotlight.png

  • Winx is a noted fan of Gidgette and avid viewer of Danganronpa

Congrats Winx dudette, anyways that's it for another round of the Character Appreciation Quiz Blogs, don't forget to leave your answers below and don't forget to catch RBW next week, as he gives his thoughts on the geeky Cody, as always Quest on and see ya later!.

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