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Yo Questers, Quest back again today with this week's installment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, this time focusing around the character of Katie; the Nice girl. As she was only in one season there'll also be a general section for her.


  • Q2-Which contestant had a nightmare featuring her and her best friend Sadie in The Big Sleep?.
  • Q4- Name the episode in which she greeted her best friend during their elimination?


  • Q1-Name one part of Katie's original Camp TV design?
  • Q2-Give the name's of the two other contestants that her VA; Stephanie Anne Mills voices?
  • Q4- Which former TDA contestant does she and Sadie swoon over during The Aftermath: I?
  • Q5-Which contestant did she support in the TDWT finale; Hawaiian Punch?

User SpotlightEdit

I can officially announce that last week's Justin quiz winner, was:


Congrats AD dude, anyways that's it for another edition of the Character Appreciation Quiz, please leave your answers down below and don't forget to catch Epic next week, as he gives his thoughts and opinions on everyone's favourite LARPer; Leonard. As always Quest on and see ya later.

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