Harold rocks

Yo Questers, Quest back today with this week's instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, this time focusing on everyone's favourite nerd; Harold. I will be doing three sections based upon Island, Action and World Tour with five questions in each section.


  • Q2- In Phobia Factor, what was Harold's reaction to seeing ninjas?
  • Q4- Which instrument did Harold bring with him to Camp Wawanakwa?
  • Q5- In Up the Creek, he alongside which other contestant were taken on the canoe ride to Boney Island?.


  • Q1- Who did he try to use his courting skills on in Riot On Set?.
  • Q3- What part of Harold's full name, was revealed to be a girl's name?.
  • Q4- Which animal did Duncan ride on top of his back, as a training exercise in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen?.


  • Q4- During Leshawna's "Sisters" musical number, he joined Leshawna in dance, alongside which other contestant?.
  • Q5- During his elimination what did he do to make it look dramatic? (Hint: May the force be with you)

User Spotlight

I can announce that the winner of last week's Gwen Character Appreciation Quiz was:

congrats Epic dude, anyways that's it for another instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, please do leave your answers down below and don't forget to catch Glenn next week, as he gives his opinions on the Queen of Mean; Heather, as always Quest On and see ya later.

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