Dawn - So cute

Hi guys, MrQuest back today with this week's instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, centred on the character of Dawn; everyone's favourite moon child. As usual it'll be split into two sections based upon ROTI and a general section, with 5 questions each.


  • Q3- Which mutant animal, does Dawn help to reunite with it's child?
  • Q4- What name did Lightning give to her?.
  • Q5- What cause does she declare to raise money for during her elimination?.


  • Q1- Which character has she unofficially dated?
  • Q2- Which character was in her place during the TDI opening theme?.
  • Q3- Who does the voice of Dawn in Total Drama?
  • Q4- Who's aura did she say was purplish green?
  • Q5-In the initial pitch for TDROTI, also known as TD: Reloaded, Dawn wasn't one of the original contestants, which character was in her place?

User Spotlight

I can officially announce that the winner of last week's Dave Character Appreciation Quiz was:

 *Flagator is the creator of the "How well do you know Total Drama" blog series

Congrats Flagator dude, anyways that's it for another instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, don't forget to post your answers below in the comments and remember to catch Glenn next week, as he gives his views on bad boy; Duncan. As always Quest On and see ya later

  • P.S- Sorry for the late upload, I was quite busy yesterday.
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