Hi guys, MrQuest17 back again for another blog, with this week's Character Appreciation Quiz, centred around the bossy CIT, by the books Courtney. As always it'll be split into sections based upon each season she competed in, being four based on TDI, TDA, TDWT and TDAS.


  • Q1- Why does Courtney not jump in the first challenge?.
  • Q2-Who does Courtney try to leave, before DJ stops her in Up the Creek?.
  • Q3- Name the contestants who Courtney threatened to let die, if they didn't give her the 1 million dollar cash prize?.


  • Q1- Which animal does Courtney try to befriend in Top Dog?.
  • Q2- Name one of the terms of Courtney's lawsuit?.
  • Q3- What Super Hero name, does Courtney get given by Leshawna?.
  • Q5- Why did she say her band; The A-Type Psychotic Crazies disbanded?.


  • Q1- What do both Courtney and her voice actor; Emilie Claire Barlow love doing, that's emphasized in this season?.
  • Q2- What is Courtney forced to wear in Chinese Fake-Out, to make sure she's not helping Alejandro cheat?.
  • Q3-Who does Courtney get on her first spin of the marriage slot-machine in Niagara Brawls?.
  • Q5- Name the song that Courtney sings, to express her new hatred of Gwen?.


  • Q1-Which flower is Courtney allergic to, as revealed in Evil Dread?.
  • Q2-How does Courtney get flung into a tree during the challenge in Food Fright?.
  • Q3-Which of Mike's personalities reveals Courtney's plans for victory during Sundae Muddy Sundae?.

User Spotlight

As last weeks winner and going by the character it was centred around, I'm happy to announce them as:

Cody User Spotlight
  • ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy
  • SLWB, known to a lot of us as Cody, is a well noted fan of funny or not Cody

Congratulations Cody dude, anyways that's it for this week's appreciation Quiz guys, don't forget to leave your answers down below and remember to catch Booty next week as she gives her views on everyone's favourite Brickhouse with Heart; DJ, anways as always Quest on and see ya later!.

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