Hi guys, MrQuest17 here back today with another Character Appreciation Quiz for you, this time we'll be focusing on everyone's favourite army cadet; Brick!. Since Brick has only appeared in one season, the questions will be split into TDROTI and General, with 5 questions in each.


  • Q1.Who hit him in the face by accident, when trying to hit Jo?
  • Q2.What type of clothing did he use to chase away mutant gophers in the mine?
  • Q3. Which three contestants saluted him before his elimination?
  • Q4.Give one of the names Jo gave him during the series.
  • Q5.Who did he get eliminated with in his elimination?.


  • Q1. Which season was he originally meant to appear in before being scrapped?.
  • Q2. Which dream did he reveal at the end of TDROTI?.
  • Q3. Give the name of one of the medals he won.
  • Q4.Name Brick's quirk.
  • Q5.Which elements of Brick's original design, were not included in his final design?.


As the winner of last week's Character Appreciation Quiz, I can officially announce the winner as:

TRR is one of our excellent chat mods and a well documented fan of Lady Gaga.

Congrats TRR dude, anyways that's it for another quiz blog, don't forget to catch Berryleaf next week, with her views on the radical surfer girl, known as Bridgette. as always Quest on and see ya later!

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