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Yo Questers, Quest back today with this week's instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, this time focusing around everyone's favourite dippy princess; Lindsay. As always I'll be doing a section based upon each season she competed in with a total of 4, for TDI,TDA,TDWT and TDAS respectively.


  • Q1-During the elimination ceremony in X-Treme Torture, what did Duncan angrily tell Chris that Lindsay was during the challenge?.
  • Q2-What is the name of Lindsay's sister as revealed in the episode; Not Quite Famous?.
  • Q3-Where do both her and Tyler hang-out, before Heather stops them in the episode Dodgebrawl?.
  • Q4-What does Lindsay call Leshawna throughout the duration of this season?.
  • Q5- What method does Lindsay use in order to help eat the disgusting food during the challenge in Brunch of Disgustingness?.


  • Q1- What does Duncan call Lindsay, when she tries to fit her foot into the glass slipper in The Princess Pride?.
  • Q2-What name does Lindsay give to herself during the challenge in Full Metal Drama?.
  • Q3-In Get a Clue, what is Lindsay's suggestion in regards to Chris' whereabouts?.
  • Q4-During the opening episode of the season, which country does Lindsay remark she'd buy with the prize money?
  • Q5-Which popular DC Superhero did Lindsay mimic in the super-hero challenge in Super Hero-ld?.


  • Q3-What does Lindsay reveal she desperately wanted to do while visiting New York City in Broadway, Baby!?.
  • Q5-After her and DJ's win in The Am-AH-Zon Race, who did DJ guess Lindsay wanted to invite to First Class accommodation?.


  • Q1-While falling into the water in Heroes vs. Villains, what does Lindsay believe she's doing before proceeding to scream?.
  • Q2- On which of her team-mates turns did she give up trying to push the pram?
  • Q3- Instead of marking a photo of the contestant she wanted eliminated what did she do?.
  • Q4- Upon being surprised at Alejandro's reappearance, what does Lindsay call him?
  • Q5- What does Lindsay claim isn't worth competing on Total Drama for?

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I can officially announce that the winner of last week's Lighting Quiz, was once again:


Congrats again AD dude, anyways that's it for another instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, don't forget to leave your answers down below and catchCody next week as he gives his views and opinions on the evil genius; Max. As always Quest on and see ya later.

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