Yo Questers, Quest back again today with this week's installment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, this time focusing around Total Drama's number 1 athletic overachiever; Lightning. As usual I'll be splitting this up into sections based on season, with one being a general section.


  • Q1- During the challenge in Grand Chef Auto, what does Lightning spray pain over Mount Chris-more and in what colour?.
  • Q2-What name does Lightning give to his fellow Toxic Rat team-mate; Dawn during their time in the competition?.
  • Q3-In the episode; Eat, Puke and Be Wary, which animal does Lightning high-five as he flips into the air?.
  • Q4- Which contestant did Lightning constantly mistake as a boy throughout the duration of the competition?.
  • Q5- As he's about to pummel Cameron during the final challenge, what does Lighting say Cameron would be like, once he'd been pummeled?.


  • Q1- During the challenge in Evil Dread, where did Lightning go and dig for sculpture pieces?.
  • Q2- In the same episode, which character expresses their disbelief that he'd managed to make it to the previous season's finale?.
  • Q5- What does Chris state is the reason for him landing in the bottom two, during the elimination ceremony in Evil Dread?.


  • Q1- Lightning's dad is one of five characters to appear at a press conference on screen, can you name the other 4?.
  • Q2- Being sporty and athletic, which original gen camper is Lightning the parallel of?
  • Q3- Who does the voice of Lightning for Total Drama?
  • Q4- Lightning is the only known contestant to have what coloured hair?
  • Q5- Which TDI camper has Lightning been commonly shipped with by the fandom?

User Spotlight

I can officially announce that the winner of last week's Leshawna quiz was:


Congrats AD dude, anyways that's it for another installment of the Character Appreciation Quiz, don't forget to leave your answers in the comments down below and catch RBW next week as he gives his views and thoughts on our ditzy diva; Lindsay. As always Quest on and see ya later.

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