Hi guys, MrQuest17 back today with this week's edition of the Character Appreciation Quiz and this week's topic will be the noted Gwen-lover and centre of Sierra's attention; Cody. This quiz will be split into three sections, based on TDI, TDWT and one for General questions, with five questions in each category as usual.


  • Q1- Which member of the Killer Bass, tried to make Cody pee his pants in The Big Sleep
  • Q2- What flavour of potato chips did Cody proclaim as "The king of chip flavours"?
  • Q4- Who did Cody switch boat partners with, on the way back to the main island in Up the Creek?


  • Q1- Where did Cody have to try and cheer Sierra up, during a musical?.
  • Q2- Noted by Sierra, what day of the year is Cody's birthday?
  • Q3- Who's face did he build as a boat in Sweden Sour?.
  • Q4- Which animal replaced him in the Drama Brothers, during their Aftermath appearances?.
  • Q5- Which animal was chosen to represent Cody, and by who in Hawaiian Style?.


  • Q1- Which other characters did his voice actor; Peter Oldring voice in Total Drama?
  • Q2- Cody was one of the contestants to not have a Camp TV design, name one of the other contestants in this category.
  • Q3- which popular Nickelodeon cartoon character, does Cody bear slight resemblance to?
  • Q4-Which in-verse show was he interviewed for?.

User Spotlight

As the winner of last week's Character Appreciation Quiz, I'm happy to announce the winner is:

Congrats AD, dude, anyways that's it for another Character Appreciation Quiz, don't forget to leave your answers down below and catch RBW next week as he gives his thoughts and opinions on everyone's favourite Type A CIT; Courtney; anyways as always Quest on and see ya later!.

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