Hi guys MrQuest17 back again with the next instalment of the Character Appreciation Quiz blogs. However on this one there's a twist, as I didn't do one for the first five weeks of the Character Appreciation period, this blog will serve as a catch-up blog, meaning this time we're focusing on five characters, instead of one. These five are Alejandro, Amy, Anne Maria, Silent B and Beardo. However as this quiz is a catch-up quiz there will be no prize for the winner, this one will be just for some fun. Each character will have five questions each, with the first user to answer all of them correctly being the winner.


  • Q2.Name the song Alejandro gets Owen to sing through hypnotism
  • Q3. What is Alejandro's family code when it comes to fighting?
  • Q4. What part of his body, did he pretend to have disabled?
  • Q5. How many voice actors, has Alejandro had (counting the Robot)?


  • Q1. What does Amy call Jasmine, upon seeing her for the first time?
  • Q2. How many minutes did Amy say she had to wait for Samey to be born?
  • Q4. Name the other Fresh TV show, in which her voice actress; Bryn McCauley voices in.

Anne Maria

  • Q1. Which reality tv show does Anne Maria's label parody?
  • Q3.Which of Mike's personalities is she attracted to?
  • Q4. How did Anne Maria get inspired to audition for Total Drama
  • Q5. What was the name of the crystal she found in the Mine?

Silent B

  • Q1. what colour, according to Dawn is B's aura?
  • Q3.What did he use, to catapult his team to the top of the mountain in Ice Ice Baby.?
  • Q4.Who ruined his plans for victory?
  • Q5.What formation did B get his team to use, when cutting down their totem.?


  • Q1.Which character does Beardo tend to annoy inadvertently with his sound effects.?
  • Q2. Name the two singers in which Beardo is based off of
  • Q3. Which other TD characters, does his voice actor; Cle Bennette, voice?
  • Q4. Who did he frame for farting?
  • Q5.What famous movie technique does Beardo use when "running" to Dave?

Well that's it guys, hope you enjoy, please leave your answers in the comments below and don't forget to catch Glenn's character appreciation blog tomorrow; based on Blaineley, as always Quest on and see ya later!.

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