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Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will be running alongside Project 10, throughout the duration of this year. Each week within this year, we'll be taking a look at one of the Total Drama contestants, involving what we like and dislike about the contestant in question, how they've grown as a character, as well as expectations for the future. In order to kick off Week 6, I (MrQuest17), will be reviewing the character of Beth, the Wannabe.


Beth originally appeared as a contestant in the first season of Total Drama, known as "The Wannabe". Being placed on the Screaming Gophers, bonding early on with Lindsay, as well as agreeing to an alliance with Heather. Later on Beth manages to obtain a cursed Tiki Idol from Boney Island during a challenge, in Up the Creek. In the next episode, Beth finally stands up to Heather, losing her place in the alliance. This further cause her elimination in the next episode, as well as her Tiki idol.

Beth returns in Total Drama Action, as a contestant being placed on the Killer Grips. There she follows Justin's lead most of the time, helping Justin and the rest of her team, to get rid of Trent, after he started throwing challenges for Gwen, later helping with the blackmail of Gwen too. When Courtney debuts halfway Beth is not happy about the conditions, that Courtney allowed to live under. After this point, she begins to build a rivalry with Courtney, who continuously tries to offer an alliance with her. Beth eventually ends up in the finale with Duncan, who she bonds with during said challenge. At the end of TDA, it's revealed that Beth's boyfriend Brady is actually real.


Honestly I'm pretty neutral on the character of Beth. She was enjoyable to watch for her first few episodes within TDI, and actually has some good friendship development with Lindsay. Personally however I feel her elimination in this season, was pretty fair. To be brutally honest I couldn't really see Beth getting any further than she did within this season, she left at a time during her plot, that would allow arguably one of the most enjoyable characters to watch; Lindsay to expand more on her own, which I enjoyed.

When Beth returned in the second season, honestly I was surprised, like I could see why Harold and Justin were brought back. But to me it just felt they'd just done everything they could do with a character like Beth, I mean at this point I was still neutral on her, but as the season progresses, I've found her more and more annoying, because all the attention seems to be on her, when other characters clearly deserve it a lot more. Things such as her fights with Courtney, had been seen before with Heather and didn't offer up too much, however on a positive note, I did enjoy her relationship with Lindsay and Justin this season.

  • Best Moment: Telling Heather off, after fetching her Dill Pickle chips.
  • Best Season: Total Drama Island
  • Best Episode: Top Dog


So what are you thoughts on Beth, do you like as her a character, or do you hate her?. Please share your opinions with us, as we're open to all, you can also utilize these templates to show your support or your hate;

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. Finally don't forget to give us your favourite Beth episode, moment and season and catch Glenn31 next week, giving his views on Blaineley. As always Quest on and I'll see you later.
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