Yo Questers, MrQuest back again today with another scoresome blog for you all. Now I'm sure a lot of you may of known that a while back now, I started and produced a blog series commonly known as Total Drama Presents: Brother Bazonkers, a fanfiction series I developed based on a spinoff idea of mine. I managed to get 5 and a half episodes out, with one elimination blog, however then I stopped spinning out these blogs for unknown reasons.

However I can now reveal that I've had quite a busy schedule in the last few months, with things such as college and dedication to my other two main wikis, so I've not had any time to continue the series and for that I apologize. However now I can officially announce that I will begin to churn out new episodes again, because my current college year is beginning to wind down a bit, so I will be finishing my sixth episode this Saturday and then getting out the seventh episode on Sunday and I'll get further episodes out over the next weeks.

Well that's all for today Quester's, hope you enjoyed, please do leave your comments down below, do you think I should continue this series at all?. I'll also link you down below to the first five episodes of the series, if you want to catch up with the series, as always Quest on and see ya later!

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