Total Drama No-Stars is the seventh season of Total Drama


Fifteen of Total Drama's contestants with the least screentime from past seasons return and face off in some of the most painful, dangerous, and life-threatening challenges yet. This season's cast is comprised of Anne Maria, B, Blaineley, Brick, Dakota, Dawn, Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Justin, Katie, Sadie, Staci, Noah, and Trent. This time, back at the abandoned film lot, the fifteen contestants are divided into three teams: Team Losers, Team Failures, and Team Suckiness, and will have to square off for the grand prize of ten million dollars. One by one, every contestant will be eliminated and once again be forced to take the Walk of Shame, be swarmed by the Paparazzi of Failure, be picked up by the Even Lamer-o-sine, and driven to the aftermath studio. The last contestant standing is crowned the winner and recieves the $10,000,000 dollars. 


For more information about this section, please visit this page.


For more information about this section, please visit this page.


The process of elimination this season is similar to the ones from the first six seasons. The elimination takes place at the Gilded Chris theatre like Total Drama Action, and the symbols of immunity are Gilded Chris Awards. After a "no-star" recieves the last award, the eliminated contestant has to take the Walk of Shame, this time while being swarmed by the Paparazzi of Failure, and catch the Even Lamer-o-sine, representing their elimination from the competition

Participant Team Status Placing Merged Team
Staci Team Losers 1st Voted Out
in Even More Monster Cash
15th Place Non-Merged
B Team Failures 2nd Voted Out
in The Silence of the Bs
14th Place
Sadie Team Losers 3rd Voted Out
in A Tale of Two Losers
13th Place
Eva Team Suckiness 4th Voted Out
in We Are The Chumpions
12th Place
Dakota Team Failures 5th Voted Out
in The Godplayer
11th Place
Justin Team Losers 6th Voted Out
in Fairly-Normal Activity
10th Place
Brick Team Suckiness 7th Voted Out
in Another Brick In The Wall
9th Place
Anne Maria Team Suckiness 8th Voted Out
in Failures Unite!
8th Place
Katie Team Losers 9th Voted Out
in The Lord of the Onion Rings
7th Place
Geoff Team Failures 10th Voted Out
in Pulp Friction
6th Place


Trent Team Failures 11th Voted Out
in Trent Story
5th Place
Noah Team Losers 12th Disqualified
in 4 Angry Contestants
4th Place
Blaineley Team Failures 13th Disqualified
in I Quadruple-Dog Dare You!
3rd Place
Dawn Team Suckiness

Winner in The Final Showdown- Part 2
Runner-up in Ezekiel's ending

Ezekiel Team Suckiness

Winner in The Final Showdown- Part 2
Runner-up in Dawn's ending


Fifteen contestants, plus the host, Chris, and Chef Hatchet, the cook and the co-host of the show.

Voice Actor Role Episode count
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria 11/16 episodes
None B 5/16 episodes
Carla Collins Blaineley 16/16 episodes
Jon Cor Brick 10/16 episodes
Christian Potenza Chris McLean 16/16 episodes
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet 16/16 episodes
Carleigh Beverly Dakota 8/16 episodes
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn 16/16 episodes
Julia Chantrey Eva 7/16 episodes
Peter Oldring Ezekiel 16/16 episodes
Dan Petronijevic Geoff 13/16 episodes
Adam Reid Justin 9/16 episodes
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie 12/16 episodes
Lauren Lipson Sadie 6/16 episodes
Ashley Peters Staci 4/16 episodes
Carter Hayden Noah 15/16 episodes
Scott McCord Trent 14/16 episodes


This is the second season of the series to feature characters from the first and second generation cast making separate cameo appearances. Some are brief appearances with little to no impact on the show, while others are much more significant and often have the challenge revolve around them (usually out of an impromptu decision by Chris).

Below is a list of all the original characters who had a cameo appearance and which episodes they appeared in:

Movie Genres

In each episode's challenge (except for the Aftermath episode, the second-to-last episode, and the final episode), there are movie genres for each challenge. These are:

  1. Monster in Even More Monster Cash
  2. Mystery in The Silence of the Bs
  3. Romance in A Tale of Two Failures
  4. Sports in We Are the Chumpions
  5. Crime in The Godplayer
  6. Horror in Fairly-Normal Activity
  7. Bank Heist in Another Brick in the Wall
  8. War in Failures Unite!
  9. Fantasy in The Lord of the Onion Rings
  10. Thriller in Pulp Friction
  11. Children in Trent Story
  12. Court in 4 Angry Contestants
  13. Miscellaneous (a combination of almost all of the past movie genres) in The Final Showdown- Part 1