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Well here we are, at the very end of Part 2 of Season 5 (Yeah, I know, I think it's stupid too). In this analysis I'll be going through a really quick analysis of the episodes, and a rather thorough analysis of the characters and the elements of the season and giving them a number/10. At the very end I'll give an /10 for the season as well. SO LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



Amy. Wow. She sure was a character. Yeah, Amy really did not leave much of an impact on me. Remember back when everybody was arguing that Amy was gonna be the main antagonist? Amy's literal only purpose this season seemed to be to, like, be on her period 24/7 towards her sister. See, that wouldn't have upsetted me as much if they, oh, you know, ACTUALLY WOULD HAVE GIVEN HER A PURPOSE TO BE SUCH A BISH. But nooooo, all that happened was "Grrrrr Samey you suck I h8 u grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" If Amy and Samey ever return in the future, I would enoy seeing some dark twisted backstory where it's revealed that as a child, Samey, like, accidentally pushed Amy into a fire as a kid and that UGLY AS BUTT MOLE ON AMY'S FACE isn't actually a mole, and it's a burn. But that sadly never happened, and Amy still remains a boring character and will stay around the low middle/bottom of my rankings. Ranking: 4.5/10


I thought that Staci and Lindsay were elimination fodder in Revenge and that one season that shall not be named. But no. Staci appeared in two episodes. Lindsay appeared in many episodes of Seasons 1, 2, and 3 and had a cameo in 4. Beardo was barely in one. I say "barely" because he literally did nothing other than make sound effects. I mean, they were entertaining sound effects, like when he made the sound of being shot from a cannon during his elimination. He also annoyed Dave, which I very much respect him for, but during the challenge he did jack all. Before the season began, I thought I would like Beardo more than I did, so he was a bit disappointing. Y'know, he wasn't a terrible character and I didn't hate him, but he was obvious elimination fodder and was more annoying than anything else. Ranking: 5/10

New Mike Dave

HATE. HATE. Seriously, kill him with fire. Dave is the epitome of a rehash. HE IS LITERALLY MIKE I MEAN THEY EVEN HAVE THE SAME SHIRT COLOR JUST MIKE HAS LONGER SLEEVES. Both of them even have mental disorders and both of their disorders are portrayed rather offensively. At first I really wanted to like Dave. I wanted to. I liked that he was sarcastic and acknowledged how stupid some of the stuff was. But I just couldn't. He was just too irritating with his constant cries of "HOW CLEAN IS THIS (Insert Object Here)?!" and "SANITIZER! I NEED SANITIZER!" Oh, you know, and add that to the fact that he had NO PURPOSE OTHER THAN TO HAVE SEX WITH SKY! Yeah, you people out there who argue that Dave is not a rehash of Mike can argue all you want but you won't convince me. Ranking: 1/10


Ladies and gents. Please stand up and give a round of applause for the best female character to ever appear in the history of Total Drama. Ella is a goddesss. She is beautiful. She is my baby mama. Ella just snuck out of nowhere and came out of nowhere (Not like that). When I first read the leaked storyboards and saw the trailers and leaked Italian episodes, I was pretty meh towards Ella. I didn't think much of her. I didn't hate her but wasn't the biggest fan of her. But when the episodes started airing on Cartoon Network I fell in love with Ella. She had a really funny stereotype, had extremely funny songs, great interactions, and wonderful lines. ILU ELLA #ELLA4FIRSTLADY2016 Ranking: 10/10


When the season first began airing, I thought nothing of Jasmine. The most notable thing about her to me was HOLY JESUS SHE'S LIKE 8 BAJILLION FEET TALL! But as the series began progressing, I began enjoying Jasmine a lot more (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter) and I began getting more invested in her as a character. I began enjoying her interactions, lines, jokes, and stereotype a lot more. I thought making her claustrophobic despite the fact that she was a "fearless" wilderness explorer was a funny, great idea. I was not expecting her relationship, and that really just kind of came randomly out of left field. Not that I'm complaining. I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed Jasmine. Ranking: 9/10


Leonard was annoying, to say the least. Cle Bennett is too talented to voice him, and his talents should've been saved on Chef because then maybe Chef would've had MORE THAN TWO LINES THIS SEASON I MEAN GOOD GAWD. Anyways, yeah, Leonard sounds like that kid who has no friends and sits in the corner playing Dungeons and Dragons with himself in his head. He could've been an interesting, fun character, but he is irritating, unfunny, and grating. Ranking: 4/10


MAX IS DA BOMB. He was hilarious to watch, I enjoyed his interactions with Scarlett, and I loved his attempts at being "EV-IL!" I loved how he functioned as basically the main comic relief this season. I don't know why, but I just love antagonists so much. It might explain why I love Max's attempts at being ev-il so much. I totally get why other people don't really like him, but I love him, and he is possibly one of my favorite characters in the history of Total Drama. #MAX4PRESIDENT2016 Ranking: 10/10

Rodney Fat Scott

HAW HAW I GET IT IT'S FUNNY CUZ HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING HE SEES LOLZ. Seriously, could the animators have even made a slightly different design for this guy? There's a reason I call him Fat Scott: He's a fat version of Scott. His rather uninteresting shtick got real old real fast. It was pretty obvious that he, along with Beardo, were elimination fodder. Ranking: 4/10


Yawn. It seems like her only purpose on the island was to kill Amy and be lesbian lovers with Jasmine. She had good potential but it was executed poorly. Sure, I enjoyed watching her get back at Amy, but like I previously said, her whole plotline was executed poorly. Now what I would have liked to see is Samey get an axe and go on a mass killing spree. Ranking: 5/10


Yaaaaaaaaaaassss gurl. At first Scarlett seemed like a generic boring female nerd, but around the middle of the season Scarlett started getting interesting. I enjoyed her interactions, especially her conflict with Max, thoroughly and she was the star of my favorite episode of the season. I really did enjoy the reveal of her evil persona. I wish that we would have had more hints towards her evil persona earlier on, and I also wish she would've done more antagonistic stuff during the earlier part of the season. I would have also enjoyed to see her being all sneaky-like while doing evil stuff. Like a good version of Mal. Ah well, I enjoyed her nevertheless and I hope she returns in the future. People can debate who the main antagonist is all they want but I will always see Scarlett as the main antagonist. Ranking: 9.5/10


YUY SHAWN. Shawn is another one of my favorite characters this season. I liked his zombie gimmick, even though I thought I would be very annoyed by it at the beginning. Although admittedly it did get a bit grating at times (ZOMBIE THIS ZOMBIE THAT ZOMBIE EVERYTHING BLERGH). Although I liked Shawn at the beginning, I thought he was going to get out relatively early. But no, Shawn proved to be a strong, enjoyable contestant. I thought Zachary Bennett did a great job voicing him and I liked Shawn's relationship with Jasmine, which came out of nowhere. One thing that annoyed me, however, is how is outfit is just a rehash of that homeless dude from Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Renunion Special. Ah well, still a great character. Ranking: 9.5/10

New Zoey Sky

Blergh. Speaking of rehashes, she even LOOKS like Zoey. I'm serious, think about it. Zoey had a stereotype they never referenced. Sky had a stereotype they only rarely referenced. Both went to the finale. Both have some secret "awesome" skill. Both have no purpose other than to intercourse with their boyfriends/crushes. Both wear some sort of thing around their necks. OK, admittedly that last one is pushing it a bit but YOU GET WHAT I MEAN. SKY=ZOEY AND ZOEY=SKY I MEAN THEY BOTH LIKE A GUY WITH A GREEN SHIRT AND WHITE SLEEVES GAWD. So as you can tell I'm not the biggest fan of Sky. Ranking: 2/10


Oh yay, more fat person jokes. Woooooooooo. Like we didn't have enough of those with Owen. No, seriously, though, if you've been reading my other reviews, you know my feelings about Sugar. I mean, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE her. Okay, maybe she had a few funny lines ("I wasn't actually gonna hit her! On camera...") but everything else about her is just too stupid and irritating for me to like her. Ranking: 1.5/10


MAH MAIN SQUEEZE! I love Topher. At first I didn't think much of him, and I thought he would be a generic, male Sierra. But as the season continued, I began to love him. I thought reveaing Topher to be a minor antagonist and making his main motive to take over the show was great development. I also enjoyed how he kept making Chris feel old. "You look 30 again!" "I AM 30!" Brilliant. I also enjoyed the way he was eliminated, being tricked by Chris. Overall I really enjoyed Topher and I hope to see him in future seasons. #TOPHERFORSECRETARYOFDEFENSE2016 Ranking: 9/10


This season had a mostly fun cast of contestants. Even though the only characters I thoroughly enjoyed were Ella, Jasmine, Shawn, Topher, Max, and Scarlett, I can definitely see why people would like the other characters (except Dave and Sky). These characters proved to be a breath of fresh air, and I really enjoyed them. I hope many of them return in the future.

Other Characters


Oh hey forgot he existed because he only had, you know, like HALF A LINE THIS SEASON I MEAN GAWD. Anywhoo Chef was pretty good this season, and I enjoyed his singing in Pahk'd With Talent. CLE BENNETT IS A BEAST AND HAS A MARVELOUS VOICE Ranking: 7/10


Chris was great this season. Apart from Alice Prostate making him really dumbed-down in Sky Fall, I really enjoyed him. From being cruel to Dave, to making the contestants shut down the self destruct system while he chills in his helicopter, I absoluely loved Chris this season. Christian Potenza still does a great job voicing Chris. Ranking: 8.5/10

Scuba Bear 



The other recurring characters were really good this season ESPECIALLY SCUBA BEAR ALL HAIL HIS EPICNESS W00T  #SCUBABEAR4RIDONCULOUSRACE


Leonard and Sugar

Why does this relationship exist they literally had two episodes together and like 10 minutes of screentime but all of a sudden "I LOVE U WIZARD". Plus this involves Sugar so booo

Dave and Sky

Don't even talk to me about this.

Dave and Ella


Shawn and Jasmine

Best interaction to come out of this season. They had chemistry and you can see why they would get together.

Fat Scott and, like, Every Girl

Tired, forced plotline AWAYYYY

Sky and Keith

I feel bad for Keith. Not only did she cheat on him but she also said she was gonna break up with him ON INTERNATIONAL TV. Actually no I don't feel bad for him, he has bad judgement since he DATED SKY


Since I already reviewed all the episodes (READ MY BLOGS, MENG), I'll just give a quick mini-review of the episodes.

So, Uh, This Is My Team?

So, uh, this is my premiere? A little underwhelming, but I did enjoy the episode for what it was worth. Good introduction to the new cast. 

I Love You, Grease Pig!

But I don't love this episode. Annoying characters and forced plotlines ahoy!  To be fair, there was good character development and I was reminded that the word "tubular" exists.

Twinning Isn't Everything!

Ed MacDonald returns. And he doesn't write an abomination. Lots of funny lines and characters, and I enjoyed the challenge. 

I Love You, I Love You Knots!

YUY CLUCKY apart from her this episode blew. It was trying too hard to be funny and Ella didn't sing NOOO

A Blast From The Past

Good shtuff meng. Good interactions and funny characters. Plus it made me like Scarlett and SCUBA BEAR YAAAAAYYY

Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems


This is the Pits!

Good episode, mostly because of Chris, the Scarlett-Max interactions, and BLING BEAR YAAAYYY

Three Zones and a Baby

It was okay I mean my main squeeze Topher got eliminated which is always a negative but Max was funny I guess and PASTA BEAR YAAAYYY

Hurl and Go Seek!

Boooo this episode sucks booo. Only redeeming factor: DAVE GOT ELIMINATED YUY

Scarlett Fever

BEST EPISODE THIS SEASON MENG! Sugar was annoying but Max and Scarlett and Shasmine and Chris and Chef and ROBOT BEAR YAAYYY

Sky Fall

Die Sugar die die die.

Pahk'd With Talent


Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize

Good interactions and fun challenge and JETPACK BEAR 3.0 YAAAYYYY but Dave booo


Whatever Mattwak

Eww it had Dave and Sky on it but it also had Shawn and Ella and (halfway through the season) Max so it's an okay team I guess.

Pimps-otew Kinosewhatthefudge

I liked this team slightly more since it had Topher, Scarlett, Jasmine, and Max (originally) and they managed not to suck enough to actually build a treehouse so Turn Down for Kinosewhat.

Final Thoughts and Score

GREAT SEASON MENG. I liked most of the new characters and I enjoyed most of the episodes. I also was glad to see how much the new characters developed. These new contestants definitely have room for expansion and I hope to see them again especially ELLA AND MAX MY LOVES AND SCUBA BEAR YUY. The relationships were okay I guess and I couldn't stand SOME people, but overall this season was very good and I now have hope in TD again. 


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