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This is the second episode this season with "I Love You" in the title. Y.

Welcome back. We open the episode up with Jasmine coming down from her tree. Y DO U SLEEP IN THE TREE WHAT IF IT RAINS OR SNOWS OR HAILS OR TORNADOS HUH HOW WOULD U FEEL ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUS TREE THEN

Jasmine reminds Samey that she's Amy and I remind myself how little I care about these characters. Samey, sticks a blueberry on her face and it stays there so she can pretend it's Amy's UGLY-AS-BUTT MOLE I MEAN HOLY POOP

Shawn kills some berries and hides in the bushes with Dave. Jesus can't anybody have normal hiding places? No, everyone on this show has to hide in the bushes. Nice. 

Meanwhile, over at Team IDGAF, Fat Scott falls in love with Female Nerd because she... stopped him from stepping in poop. O.....k? Then he falls in love with S/Amy because she offered him berries. O.....k? Chris swags out on the PA and tells everybody to get to the meeting area.

Ella continues to be awesome and Sugar continues to be beachy. And Topher continues to be a suck-up (and awesome as well). Chris announces the challenge, which is basically the challenge from Truth or Mutant Shark (I don't care what its actual name is, that's what I'm calling it, since Fang never shot any lasers in that episode). So Chris then introduces the best part about this episode, Clucky the Truth-Seeking Chicken. 

The challenge begins and Clucky doesn't kill S/Amy. Her whole team insults Samey and S/Amy holds back her murderous urges. Chris asks who the most attractive girl on the island is and he lies and loses the round for Team Fat Scott is Fat. Sugar if you touch Ella again I will personally end you.

So it's Sky's turn to do a challenge, and she has to drink a whole thing of mineral water. She sucks at it, so Shawn is awesome and completes the challenge for her with his awesomeness. Ew fat Sky. 

So I, like fall asleep during the commercial break and wake up when New Mike and New Zoey are about to kiss each oth-hold on. I've just been handed a piece of paper by TDSkaveFan saying I'm not allowed to call them that because they're so different and stuff. Fine. Dave and Sky are about to kiss each other when Sky belches loud enough to scare the birds away. Jesus, if she belched at the ground she'd get more air than Chris' freakin' awesome jetpack. I need a jetpack. Excuse me while I go get one.

When I get back from being rejected by the jetpack store owner, Dave is covered in snot. YEA U GO SHAWN! Ella you don't need Sugar. You are way better than her. You're a strong independent princess who don't need no farmgirl. 

So we move onto the lightning round. If the writers were smart they'd have someone cameo here but I guess not. We then go through an (admittedly pretty fun) montage of the contestants doing challenges and Fat Scott sucking. (Except Topher cuz he's too cool to do challenges.) Ew Sugar ate a tarantula. Excuse me while I  go throw up.

We begin the sudden death round. Is it just me or did Chris just say "Losing team gets shot and sends someone home"? Max is awesome some more and Fat Scott is fat some more. HOW DARE YOU INSULT CLUCKY U BUTTHOLE. So the sudden death round is....untying a bag. K. Fat Scott sucks at the challenge because he's fat and Ella unties the bag first but is too awesome to shock Fat Scott and Team Kinosewhatever. 

Out of nowhere, Clucky is awesome and like, kills Team Fat Scott by shocking them. But then he gets arrested. CLUCKY NOEZ YOU WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED

When I get back from crying over the loss of Clucky, we're at the elimination ceremony and WOWZERS SURPRISE FAT SCOTT IS OUT WHO WOULDA GUESSED

Alright, this episode was pretty meh. The elimination was really obvious and Fat Scott was still a really stupid character. However Clucky made it pretty much worth it and it was kind of a cool challenge I guess.

Final Score: 5/10

  • Pros: Clucky, Ella, Some Okayish Lines
  • Cons: Fat Scott, Predictable Elimination, Mostly Dumb Lines, Unfunny Humor, Almost No Interactions, No Ella Singing
  • McLean-Brand Chris Head: Clucky (Shut up I know she's not a competitor, she's just too goshdarn awesome.)
  • Cannon of Shame: Fat Scott (Predictable Elimination, Unfunny Lines, Was Mean to Clucky)

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