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    Well here we are, at the very end of Part 2 of Season 5 (Yeah, I know, I think it's stupid too). In this analysis I'll be going through a really quick analysis of the episodes, and a rather thorough analysis of the characters and the elements of the season and giving them a number/10. At the very end I'll give an /10 for the season as well. SO LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Amy. Wow. She sure was a character. Yeah, Amy really did not leave much of an impact on me. Remember back when everybody was arguing that Amy was gonna be the main antagonist? Amy's literal only purpose this season seemed to be to, like, be on her period 24/7 towards her sister. See, that wouldn't have upsetted me as much if they, oh, you know, ACTUALLY WOULD HAVE GIVEN HER A …

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  • MrMatt2001


    During the recap, I realize that the Final 3's names all started with "S". Anywhoo, THIS IS TEH FINALE MAYBE THAT MEANS THE RETURN OF MY DARLINGS JASMINE, MAX, SCARLETT, ELLA, AND TOPHER YAYZ

    Sky maybe you'd have less trouble sleeping if you stopped going over to the confessional.

    Chris blows the horn and that means the beginning of the FINALE CHALLENGE YEAAAA

    Ewww Sky's onscreen.

    "English much? Boom!" Shut up, who asked you to live?

    Shawn pronounced Beardo's name weird. So Chris brings out a TV with the helpers on them. DOES THAT MEAN WE WON'T GET A PHYSICAL APPEARANCE FROM MY DARLINGS?! 

    Shawn lands on Jasmine (how convenient) and I'm pretty sure I SAW MY MAIN SQUEEZE TOPHEY IN THERE AND I ALSO SAW MY BABY MAMA ELLA YAY

    Sky gets Dave…

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  • MrMatt2001

    Shawn's the only contestant left in this season that I care about. That upsets me. A lot.

    Oh, and welcome back, BTDubs.

    After our recap, Sugar tries to kill Sky. "I wasn't actually gonna hit her. On camera." That was actually a good line. "If it comes down to a footrace or a math test, I think I can take him." WHEN IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN HAS TOTAL DRAMA EVER HAD A CHALLENGE INVOLVING A FUDGING MATH TEST?

    D'aaaawwwww Shawn. I want that zombie-proof bunker.

    "Your challenge will be in three parts: Head to head to head." THAT'S INAPPROPRO

    Chris announces the challenge, and I realize how weird Chris looks holding up three fingers since he only has four. I like that fat intern. He's funny. "They both have so many weaknesses to choose from!" SO DO YOU,…

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  • MrMatt2001

    "Sky Fall" Review

    July 22, 2014 by MrMatt2001

    Pfft, I wish I was watching that James Bond movie. That was actually good.

    After a recap where I'm reminded of the leaving of SCARLETT AND MAX NOOOOOOO, we get a cameo from Sasquatchanakwa The Yeti. Meanwhile, Sugar is being fat and Sky is being boring.

    If it weren't for Shawn and Jasmine I would totally give up hope for this season. So Shasmine agree to split the money should one of them win. "Yeah! *Cough* Pomegranate?" That made me laugh harder than it should have. 

    Oh hey Chef, forgot you existed because you're always just STANDING THERE I MEAN GAWD! Chris we get the pun you don't need to explain it to us we're not idiots. 

    Chris explains the challenge and it begins. "I kinda miss that wizard kid. Force field!" Do not mention that.... char…

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  • MrMatt2001

    Welcome back to my reviews of the episodes of Total Drama Pahkitew Island, where we're in for a treat today with this episode.

    After a pretty funny recap, out episode opens up with a volcano that spurts confetti all over our remaining competitors. This episode doesn't include Dave, so its ranking just went up 1 point. Scarlett and Max are over with Chris being awesome. Jasmine says "no" weird. "The island's mostly artificial." Max, Scarlett, why are you gasping? You found this out last episode when there was a control panel in a tree. Wait, is all this crap happening to the the island because Max threw up on one control panel? 

    All of a sudden, a computer pops out of the ground and lets everyone know that the island's selfdestruct sequence h…

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