Fresh TV did a great job with The Ridonculous Race and out of this and all the Total Drama series this is my second favourite season (behind Island). But nothing is perfect. In my opinion this season's choice of competiers were great and my second favourite (this time behind Action), and they fixed things wrong with other seasons like All Stars but I do have one problem with the season. I don't find it rewatchable. The season was great but unlike Total Drama with 36 different characters plus Don I have troubles choosing a favourite character. But I find choosing favourite teams alot easier. So I made a list. WARNING: This list contains my opinion, not others. Your favourite team might be my least favourite and I can't do anything about that. Even though some characters might be low it doesn't mean I hate everything about them. Either way I hope you enjoy. On to the list:


Kelly tells Taylor that she faked all Taylor's successes in her life.

18: Kelly and Taylor (Mom and Daughter):

Kelly and Taylor had a chance and failed to be good characters. I honestly don't have much hate towards Kelly but the way her and Taylor act was really annoying to watch. I loved the idea of a parent with their child in the race. But Taylor was just like your average rich girl sterotype. ANNOYING! She wants all the new stuff and follows all the trends and acts like she is the queen of the world but the worst part is that Kelly (and Taylor's father most likely) do not care. That's bad parenting and when Dawyne tries to tell Kelly, she ignores it and acts like she is the worlds best mother even though just before, she told Taylor a secert. That she gets all her awards, friends and probably everything in life because she is spoilt and rich and that she sucks at doing everything. I hate this team. The only good parts of this team was their elimination because they learn, "Hey being rich isn't everything! Being nice is important to," and when Kelly tells Taylor about how she isn't so special after all.

17: Laurie and Miles (Vegens):


Laurie is getting used to Miles slogan "Hikes not Humps," in the camel race.

This idea was stupid. I know that Laurie and Miles have lots of fans and for the first two episodes I kinda liked them as well. Until I realised they were just as horrible in Reailty TV as Ezekiel, and thats saying something. Where did they get the idea that a TV show about racing around the world wasn't going to use electricty or make them eat meat or even just break something. If these two thought to themselves that going on this show was going to mean that people would be more kind to animals then they were wrong. Also they hardly had any interesting lines. They weren't interesting to begin with. But with a team who wants to use the million to take care of ants, I should of seen an awkward team coming.

Team3Out (2)

The Geniuses waste their time on the sandcastle challenge and are eliminated.

16: Eloddy and Mary (Geniuses):

The Geniuses... Their pretty much Total Drama Island's verision of Noah. Their not bad characters but they were one of the three teams that had zero character development. Not all characters need character development and Fresh TV has prooved this before (Jude from 6teen, Anne Maria from TDROTI, etc). But Eloddy and Mary did. If someone asked you what teams are in RR I can assure you that the Geniuses would probably be one of the last teams you would think of (unless your mega fans). But not only that just like Noah in TDI they thought that smarts could win the compition and that other things like fitness wouldn't matter but they were truly wrong. Because Eloddy couldn't "wing it" it caused them to lose the entire race. Also did Emilie-Claire Brown even try to not sound like Courtney? Eloddy and Courtney share the same actress, I know that but you can't say that didn't sound alike.

Tdp rr leonard and tammy by jayspanish-d8xcz1v

Leonard meditates while Tammy cleans her flute while they wait for the elevator.

15: Leonard and Tammy (LARPers):

If you were wondering what other teams didn't have character developent then you came to the right place. Leonard was extreamly funny in TDPI but he was kind of ruined in RR. Being paired with Tammy didn't help either. They didn't do much in the compition which was really sad. I was really exiected when I saw the Leonard was in the race. If they eliminated another team like the Tennis Rivals or Step Brothers first then they could of been better. But while they were there they still tried to make alliances, unlike the Tennis Rivals and Step Brothers. I feel that Tammy may be the reason this team is so low on the list but it's just that they didn't get enough screentime. Out of all the four TD contestants that returned, Leonard needed the screentime. The first gen cast didn't.

Gerry and pete int

Gerry and Pete are introduced by Don.

14: Gerry and Pete (Tennis Rivals):

What do you get when you put tennis and two old men who can't make a good joke. You get Gerry and Pete, but that isn't %100 a bad thing... but its not a good thing either. The Tennis Rivals are very awkward characters. Their jokes are very bad but because their old they laugh at them because well... I'm not really sure. Also the whole "sponsor" gag got old really fast. And they were only in the race for three episodes. They could of done better but their choices on how they play were not good choices. But that doesn't mean I didn't like them, because I did. They were at some times funny and there reactions to noticing that doing the show was a bad idea was priceless.

Goths make up out

The Goths "scream" as they notice that their makeup is melting.

13: Crimson and Ennui (Goths):

When I watched the episodes for RR, I also read the comments and I noticed that the Goths got lots of love but I never understood why. I thought that they were very uninteresting but like the rivals they weren't bad characters. Just not interesting ones. But when we get to see their real faces it made them seem way more interesting. The reason why The Goths are higher on the list is because of this. Also Loki is a very cool pet, and probably my 3rd favourite Fresh TV pet (behind Jude's pet Fish, Fish from 6teen and Duncan's spider, Scruffy). Loki made the entire team better and thats the first and only time Total Drama has done this.

Ice dancers igloo

The Ice Dancers build their igloo.

12: Josee and Jacques (Ice Dancers):

When I predicted the elimination order for RR, I thought that this team would win but I'm happy they didn't. They were rude, they cheated and they just were annoying to listen to. When the Best Friends and Sisters were eliminated I was annoyed that it wasn't the Ice Dancers. Jacques wasn't the real problem it was Josee... she was a horrible character. She was Courtney, Scott, Alejandro, Heather and Jo combined. But not in a good way. They were just annoying characters, but like the rivals they had there moments. But that didn't save them. But they are the reason that Sanders and MacArthur haven't turned up on the list yet.

Ryan annoying steph

Ryan annoys Stephanie by agreeing with everything she says.

11: Stephanie and Ryan (Daters):

The Daters were a very odd team in RR. Stephanie is very competive but Ryan isn't. They were a very bad team, but not a bad team to watch. During the time they were together was very awkward because they acted like the Stepbrothers. It made them really funny characters. But the reason their not higher on the list is because until their elimination they act the same for the rest of the season. This does get annoying at times.

It's jay's turn with the brown bag

Mickey and Jay share an air bag before being told by Don that they were eliminated.

10: Mickey and Jay (Adversity Twins):

Mickey and Jay are extreamly unlucky teenagers, which makes their team what they are. This makes them an interesting team. We learn lots of things about Mickey and Jay like their weird fears of pencils and trees and also find out that their allergic to things that make almost everything. They tried their best but they didn't succeed but I don't really mind. When I saw the twins I straight away thought, Cody. Well this didn't happen which was good because for the first time ever, they made the weak people eliminated early, instead of around the final five area. This made them seem less special but they really didn't need to be that special. After all they do suffer from adversity.


Tom and Jen argue about who started their fashion blog.

9: Tom and Jen (Fashion Bloggers):

Tom and Jen were awesome characters and one of the three teams that I think were eliminated at bad times. They deserved to get further in the competition. The only problem with this team is that they can get annoying, but when I say that I'm mostly pointing to Tom. He acted like a baby at times and you can tell that he and Jen didn't alaways like each other's clothing, as seen in their last episode. This is annoying because before this they were pretty much the Best Friends. And that wouldn't of been a bad thing.

Chet armpits

Lorenzo carrying Chet in the final Hawaii challenge.

8: Lorenzo and Chet (Stepbrothers):

Straight away when you think Lorenzo and Chet you think the relationship between the average brother and sister / brothers / sisters. But the Step Brothers hate everything about each other until they finally realize, "Hey! We have a lot in common!" They become better friends then everyone else in the competition, which seems creepy and gay. (BTW I support gay, I don't have anything againest it) The reason their so high up on the list is because its funny to see them argue and it was funny to see them agree with everything they do, even when they know that they might be wrong. The Stepbrothers in my opinion are one of the funniest teams in RR.

Geoff Drawing Brody

Brody poses for his caricature while Geoff draws.

7: Geoff and Brody (Surfer Dudes):

Geoff was awesome in TDI but was horrible in TDA due to his early elimination and Bridgette. But when he returned for RR with his best bud Brody, I was stoked! The two were an awesome team and probably the nicest team in the entire race. The return was a bit weird and for some people annoying (I did at first). Even though this season was Geoff's best season he seemed alot dumber then he used to which doesn't really make to much sense. Geoff wasn't smart in TDI but he was smarter then he is now.

Why spud by tdvortex-d98bvct

Spud bites Rock's hand for the Chocolate Oink.

6: Rock and Spud (Rockers):

Rock on buddy! Rock and Spud were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... kinda. The Rockers were one of the best ideas for a team in the series, the best being 4. The Rockers were great characters and they had awesome lines. Rock was the leader and for a person like him he was a very good one and Spud was... Spud. His voice was annoying at times but he was one of the funniest characters TD has ever had. They are also great at air guitar. The one problem was that they were both really, really dumb. Even dumber then the Surfers.

Nearly done...

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