In the 1930s Dr Jones Mclean (an Archeologist taking on his father 's legacy) is going through a Pyramid.

Looking for the Treasured Coconut that is also being searched for by Al Belloq and his Mayor Assistant.


Dr. Mclean catches up with  Sallad Hatchet and fight against a Swordsman who kidnapped Mcleans Mentor's Daughter .

The two meet Hatchet's buddy after they fight against the Swordsman.

Only to be captured by a Colonial who is securing the Coconut.

                               This is a Total Drama edition of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

                                   List ofTotal Drama/Ridonculous Race characters used.

                                                                   Chris McLean

                                                                    Chef Hatchet






                                                                and Mr. Coconut.

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