Update 1 taking a big step forwards After thinking of earlier I Decided to do TDR ( Total Drama Renactments) and CMRs (Cast Member Reactions) on a variety of different cartoons Other than Spongebob.

Examples will include Avatar, Fairly oddParents, Dexter's Lab,Samurai Jack, The Ren and Stimpy Show, classic and Beloved cartoons like Looney Tunes ,Tom an Jerry, and Mask.

I do take requests however the new policie is that If I get more request for an episode it will be agreed on by the all mighty decision maker.

Overview of TDRs basicly if you had seen the episode you replace the Major Characters with what ever total drama character who you think it is right for the part.

Overviews of CMRs is you write in the comments what you think the cast member named is saying about parts of the show.

                P.S if you have any other crossover series ideas let me know on my message wall

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