Before we get into the story I just wanted to say this was a way better time to make this than in October.

                 So time to get people in the Christmas Spirit. 

           Gerry is Scrooge, Dwayne is Bob, Pete is Marley, Lindsay is Christmas Past, Duncan is Christmas Present, and Izzy is Christmas Future.

                                  Phase I

               This story begins on a cold Christmas Eve at a Counting House in 19th century London, and Inside was a lonley Old Money Lender named Gerry who hates Christmas.

                     Gerry: Bah Hambug! I hate Christmas so why I share it.

                     Dwayne: I don't want you to share it but I'm wondering if you let me have Christmas Off.

                     Gerry: Nah anyway have a good night I will be seeing you tommorow.

                   Ghost of Pete: Give Up your wicked ways or you bad things will happen in the future. 

                       Gerry: Why Would I listen to a ghost and Bah Hambug!

                   Ghost of Pete: You will be visited by Three Ghosts one more persuasive then the last.

                               alright that was part one I will update this once a week until Christmas.


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