Lets Start off with the Explanation of my Absence. It was because I was really busy with Things like with coming up with concept for a Cartoon Network Crossover Game (Yes It will have playable Total Drama Characters among others, want more on that I will release The Idea Concept on My Tumblr).

Anyway Lets Get on to the Predictions for The Next Season (6).(7 if you consider All Stars and Pahketiew as Seperate Series.).   Who I think will return from the Original Cast should be Lindsay, Izzy, Heather,Gwen, DJ,Bridgette, Cody, Tyler, Noah, and to an Extent Alejandro.

Second Gen should be Brick,B, and Scott.

Third Gen Should be Amy, Samey, Shawn, and Scarlett.

also If they Ever Bring Back the Aftermath. (Not saying they will)

Have Topher Host (with Max doing a similar job to what Blainley did during World Tour).

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