Welcome to my First Blog of 2017 Please note I started using Bold wording for Transitioning.

Kids Choice Award's Best Animal Sidekick Nomination Choice.

With The KCA's being not that long a way I still happen to ask myself If Patrick Star was able to be nominated best Animal Sidekick why can't Izzy or Mutant Ezekiel.

Episode Battles discussion.

Since I might have to bring it up Episode Battles alright It is time to start off with two episodes from The Infamous November 2013 ('Sundae Muddy Sundae vs Spongebob You''''''''re Fired) in the battle of which is Worse.

Izzy vs Trump's Border Wall.

Back when I was making a List of The Craziest things Izzy Would Ever Do One of them was Demolish the Wall that is sadly currently being built. So What Would Izzy need to complete this task.

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