Hello and Welcome to my new Series Character Stories where I take the Contestants and Put them in a Story

Yes It has been a few months but listen one My Old Computer has been having dying on me repeatedly please note I will be uploading these every 2 weeks and I will also be Writting each story as I go along also there are links.

This begins at a Lab in The Middle of Nowhere  where we see  Evil Scientists Max and Scarlett created a Monster That will Eat The Nearby City's entire Food Supply also named O.W.E.N. The Monster was Sent out To First eat the food supply of Detroit, then of Minneapolis, and Finally it gets into New Orleans where a Trap has been set for it by Izzy. The first Step of the Trap is for the Bait Lindsay dressed as a Corndog But when least expected Lindsay fell in the trap instead. The Monster fell for Izzy breaking free from The Scientist's wrath with Lindsay saying can someone get me out of here.

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