Alright Now I know I did alot of Spongebob Crossovers but I decided to move Tdrs and Cmrs to My Own Wiki when or If I Get one

This episode begins with a bear stealing marshmellows.

Hey Writer Bears Shouldn't Eat Marshmellows

The Campers wake up when they here a plane Piloted by Chris McLean

(Clip from episode plays)

The Challenges are X Treme Sofa Bed Skydiving, Xtreme Rodeo Moose Riding, and Extreme Waterskiing

Ok if you want to see extreme sports done not for a challenge Watch Extreme Spots

Later Owen "Helps" Chef by eating leftovers

At least he did not Help using Forever Glue

Anyway he accidently ate a Love Note but It Instantly was burped out

Gwen and Bridgette fight over who the note could be from

For the First Challenge Trent and Dj are up 5000 feet

Uh ok then

Chris gives both of them papers

Make them I don't know Ride the Firey Fist O Pain then

Trent forgets to Open his parachute and ends up in a Body Cast

Next Geoff attempts to ride a Moose 

and lands in a pile of socks

Then Leshawna does the same thing ends up staying on the moose 

                Now during the last Challenge alright Remember that Sliding scene from Not Normal

                 Suprisingly this aired in the Us 5 months and 24 days after it the same year

        Lindsay Says Shes ready, Um Lindsay do you watch spongebob because that is what he said when going to work well what he used to say 

         Anyway Heather drives the wave jumper with Harold Skiing 

Harold grabs five flags but then Heather tries to cut him lose but ends up loosing you know what

I think this is still more of a kid show then Modern Spongebob 

Anyway now Duncan pulls Lindsay across the mud

Lindsay grabs the five flags and wins

(This was why I choose Lindsay for Spongebob's part in the Not Normal Tdr if you were wondering)

after that we have pointless scenes and Harold was eliminated


                           This episode was written by Erika Strobel

                         or secretly Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Derek Iversen

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