Painty here with a CMR so today our reactor is Lindsay

                   Ok first off I did say earlier that I was going to do The Legends of Bikini Bottom but I just thought it was too hard and would be really long so instead I decided to make this only for smaller specials and regular episodes

                        What you have to do is write in the comments of what the reactor could be saying about the quotes                                      below (and yes they must be the ones below)

                               Face Freeze

"Sorry, sir. I got carried away. Patrick and I here are making faces at each other."

 "What? Are you out of your liquid-absorbing mind?" 

Haven't ye ever heard the saying "If you don't stop making that face, it'll freeze that way"?

 "Let me tell you the story of Face Freeze."

 "He couldn't open his mouth for months. Until one day, his tongue dried up and fell off!"

"I can't breathe! Well, still no frozen faces. Let's really put this myth to the test. Let's see what happens when me hold one face for a long time."

 "Yes! But, now do you choose just one? Um, well, let's see. Oh, oh... How about an eye cross,[Makes his eyes go up to the top of his head] uh? And then slip into and overbite. [Pulling out upper jaw]And the finishing touch. Gah lowh."

"Let's not keep these grotesque faces to ourselves. Let us share then with the whole wide sea."

                                                    Glove World R.I.P 

                              "Close Glove World? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?!"

                                "Uh-huh, come on. Excuse us sir, we heard a horrible rumor that you're gonna close glove world forever."

"Goodbye Glove Drop."

  "[weakly] Whee. [The glove boat is swinging back and forth, until it's upside down. And everyone is falling down.. Cutscene through the Glove World]"

  "Hey there kid. [Monroe kicks his leg] Ow! You little brat! I have had it! Three and a half weeks of working here and this is how I'm treated!? You're gonna have to pay for my shin-replacement surgery!"

               Face Freeze was written by Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, and Doug Lawrence

              Glove World R.I.P was written by Aaron Springer and Dani Michaeli

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