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  • MrAwesome101

    Lets Start off with the Explanation of my Absence. It was because I was really busy with Things like with coming up with concept for a Cartoon Network Crossover Game (Yes It will have playable Total Drama Characters among others, want more on that I will release The Idea Concept on My Tumblr).

    Anyway Lets Get on to the Predictions for The Next Season (6).(7 if you consider All Stars and Pahketiew as Seperate Series.).   Who I think will return from the Original Cast should be Lindsay, Izzy, Heather,Gwen, DJ,Bridgette, Cody, Tyler, Noah, and to an Extent Alejandro.

    Second Gen should be Brick,B, and Scott.

    Third Gen Should be Amy, Samey, Shawn, and Scarlett.

    also If they Ever Bring Back the Aftermath. (Not saying they will)

    Have Topher Host (with Ma…

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  • MrAwesome101

    Hello and Welcome to my new Series Character Stories where I take the Contestants and Put them in a Story

    Yes It has been a few months but listen one My Old Computer has been having dying on me repeatedly please note I will be uploading these every 2 weeks and I will also be Writting each story as I go along also there are links.

    This begins at a Lab in The Middle of Nowhere  where we see  Evil Scientists Max and Scarlett created a Monster That will Eat The Nearby City's entire Food Supply also named O.W.E.N. The Monster was Sent out To First eat the food supply of Detroit, then of Minneapolis, and Finally it gets into New Orleans where a Trap has been set for it by Izzy. The first Step of the Trap is for the Bait Lindsay dressed as a Corndo…

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  • MrAwesome101

    Welcome to my First Blog of 2017 Please note I started using Bold wording for Transitioning.

    Kids Choice Award's Best Animal Sidekick Nomination Choice.

    With The KCA's being not that long a way I still happen to ask myself If Patrick Star was able to be nominated best Animal Sidekick why can't Izzy or Mutant Ezekiel.

    Episode Battles discussion.

    Since I might have to bring it up Episode Battles alright It is time to start off with two episodes from The Infamous November 2013 ('Sundae Muddy Sundae vs Spongebob You''''''''re Fired) in the battle of which is Worse.

    Izzy vs Trump's Border Wall.

    Back when I was making a List of The Craziest things Izzy Would Ever Do One of them was Demolish the Wall that is sadly currently being built. So What Would Iz…

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  • MrAwesome101

    I just came up with an Idea (okay maybe it's just going to be a dream) that Cartoon Network/Fresh Tv Made an Hour Long Reunion Special like the ending of Season 2. It also starts off With Talking about Chris McLean and what happened to him after season 5.2 (or 6 going by what see). Another thing Is that It goes in alphabetical order talking about 19 of the original cast, all of the second cast, and the rest of the third casts. So Yeah One Part would be talking about them and the other is the Story of the Special also I have the idea air date plan should be July 8th 2017. Is there any thoughts on this. 

    The RR cast (In exception of four contestants)will only be seen in a photo if you're wondering about that.

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  • MrAwesome101

                Before we get into the story I just wanted to say this was a way better time to make this than in October.

                     So time to get people in the Christmas Spirit. 

               Gerry is Scrooge, Dwayne is Bob, Pete is Marley, Lindsay is Christmas Past, Duncan is Christmas Present, and Izzy is Christmas Future.

                                      Phase I

                   This story begins on a cold Christmas Eve at a Counting House in 19th century London, and Inside was a lonley Old Money Lender named Gerry who hates Christmas.

                         Gerry: Bah Hambug! I hate Christmas so why I share it.

                         Dwayne: I don't want you to share it but I'm wondering if you let me have Christmas Off.


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