Lately, I've been hearing that users have been leaving the wiki. I don't know why you guys and/or gals are doing this.

Good/Bad Reasons

  1. My internet disconnected. GOOD
  2. Holiday. GOOD
  3. My parents banned me from the computer. GOOD
  4. I got inluted by a bot. BAD
  5. I have no friends on the wiki. BAD (Everyone's Your Friend)
  6. My screen blew up. GOOD
  7. I'm very very very old. Ewwww...
  8. I have too much schoolwork/homework. GOOD
  9. I got grounded. GOOD
  10. I lost interest in the series. GOOD
  11. TDA ended; I'll be back when TDWT premeirs. BAD (You Can Stil Edit; Talk To Users)
  12. I'm going on vacation. GOOD

More Reasons Coming Soon

Now you see that? Users are leaving for good or bad reasons. The good reason; I support. The bad ones; I oppose.

On some side notes, vote for my sigs here (not the crossed out one(s)) and my holiday is coming soon. And the TDA special is coming oon; and the TDA special may be on OnDemand this Tuesday.

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