The "MTDM Review" for Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.


*copies Nalyd* *cries*

Yesterday, I had a tough time. I was picking between missing five minutes of the special, or breaking the rule of Passover. I picked the second one. D': I broke a BIG-FAT-RULE! D':

Well, my first MTDM Review!

Last night, as I said before, I broke a rule (D':). It was the wrong choice. I always pick the wrong choice. XD So, I went to my den, and watched the special, and the first 30 minutes PWNed. jk. They sucked. It was all about Josh and Blaineley. The CM show was great! jk again. It sucked. -_-

Sierra's voice was pitchy, and sounded different from the trailer. Alejandro He is in Total... Drama... Dirtbags! XD So far, the special sucks.

Lindsay and Beth's clip was XD'able. Lindsay messed up the Mona Lisa, and got arrested, with Beth! XD Owen's was a bit XD'able. He has a 6-pack! Ezekiel went from Zeke to ZekeGuy! :P Noah was Chris' assisstant. That made me XD. Courtney and Duncan's made me go "Awww..." :| Katie and Sadie went green! Good for them! Gwen and Heather's conflict sparked. LeShawna and Tyler were on a reality show! DJ has a cooking show! The bus was their new home. D': The Drama Boys FTW! XD Izzy; I thought you were crazy. What are you doin' in the movie biz? Eva...oh, Eva. Gidgette; that's a good couple name.

Some parts were funny. Some weren't. Some parts were tingly. Some weren't. Courtney went mad cuz' she didn't win the award, to be famous again. Poor TV. You kept gettin' kicked. D': :P

Chris called commercial and whispered to Blaineley smiling "That's how you do it."

LeShawna and her giant booty. :P LeShawna, you don't just have a big booty. You have a big bra. :P When Courtney and Duncan kissed on the bus...that's just them.

Who knew Chris would be so nice, huh?

Geoff. Why would you go party when there is a third season on the run? Eva, out of all people, why would you come? :| Trent, Justin, Katie, Sadie, and Beth; I believe would come to the party.

Chef announces the third seasons name "Total...Drama...*sings*Musical...Musical..Mu-Si-Cal! *plane breaks* Maybe not." *TDWT logo pops up*

After this episode, Mama DJ is a fanbase. Soon there will be users named "MamasLilBoy" or "Mama_DJ_is_gr8" or "DJsMomRox". Users may even have icons that are Mama DJ (Sprink ;))!

Finally! It's confirmed! Mama DJ is debuting to TDWT! jk. EZEKIEL IS! EEEEEE! :P I CAN'T WAIT 'TIL SEASON THREE!!! EEEEE! :P

Eva, Katie and Sadie, [Alejandro and Sierra,] but you girls [and guy] only qualify for one season.


I give this episode a 7/10. It was bad from the start. It got better...a little.


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