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Monday, May 3, 2010

As you all know, Nalyd recently made a "Countdown to 10,000" thingy-majigy. I have asked him if I can make a blog post for my predictions, Chris McLean's Blog style! I'll be doing Power Rankings! I will not rank myself. That would be stupid. Emoticon005 I'll be doing these blogs after every elimination or so. So, be sure to check it out! Emoticon018

Editing Gophers:

  • 5. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - Although she is a great editor, I think she is a threat. She made great edits since this started, but she may be a threat.
  • 4. TotalDramaFan1000 - No offense, but I haven't seen your edits in a while. Sorry, but, it is what it has to be. Emoticon005
  • 3. Tdifan24 - Sorry, but, 101 edits. Started with 95, up to 101. (Better than me. Emoticon017)
  • 2. TDIFan13 - Great editor, but currently an admin. That'll give you an advantage Ryan. Emoticon014
  • 1. TDA ROCKS - Finally, I come down to number one. TDA ROCKS. Not a threat. Not an admin. A good editcount. Now, we go to the Killer Editors.

Killer Editors:

  • 6. Kevvy9 - Kev, sorry, but 11 edits (in all mainspace edits) is not that good. I think this will cause an early elimination.
  • 5. KittyTDA98 - 186 edits; I think a lot are minor. Very sorry, but I also think this will be an early elimination.
  • 4. Stephen"Zap" - Although you have less edits than KittyTDA, I think your edits are not minor. This would be very good.
  • 3. NinjaIzzy - Like Ryan, you are a rollback. So, This will give you an advantage NIzzy. Emoticon014 Wait, isn't that what I told Ryan?
  • 2. Lindsayfan271 - Wowwy. 249 edits. Good, but wait until the next guy. Emoticon014
  • 1. Ragingblaze592 - 1,205 edits! This is great! You, you, you are great! There is no way you'll have an early elimination! Emoticon018

That was my first post! Remember, check it out next week. Emoticon014

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kevvy9 got the boot this week. I was right. I ranked him 6, and he got out. The Editing Gophers won! Yay! Lindsayfan271; voting for NinjaIzzy was bad. Bad. She's one of the highest editors on your team! Emoticon020 I was surprised at myself. It was supposed to be a plan. Stupid plan, though. Emoticon002 Kevvy9's comment, I quit, was stupid. Emoticon026 Time for ratings, I guess. And a reminder, I am still not rating myself. Emoticon014

Editing Gophers:

  • 5. TotalDramaFan1000 - The least amount of edits on the team isn't really good. Maybe if you get a better amount of edits, you can get ranked 2 or something. Emoticon005
  • 4. Tdifan24 - You should get some more edits. You have about 100. Get more and- Just read what I said for TDF1000. Emoticon025
  • 3. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - First of all, you have over 1,000 mainspace edits. Congratulations on that, by the way. Emoticon018 Like I said on my first entry, I still think you are a threat. No offense. Emoticon002
  • 2. TDIFan13 - Look at entry one.
  • 1. TDA ROCKS - You are a very good editor. You are staying number one. Emoticon018

Killer Editors:

  • 5. Lindsayfan271 - Since you voted one of your best editors, I think people will try to get you out to not get NinjaIzzy out. [[FIle:]]
  • 4. KittyTDA98 - Look at entry one. I think you have a lot of minor edits. Emoticon025
  • 3. Stephen"Zap" - Nice editcount, dude. Almost 200. I don't think they're minor, like I said in entry one.
  • 2. NinjaIzzy - Rollback. Look at entry one.
  • 1. Ragingblaze592 - Non-rollback/admin and great amount of edits. Keep it up, and you can win the competition! Emoticon006

A lot of these said look at entry one. I must be lazy to think of another reason. Emoticon002/Emoticon005 Enjoy, and keep on editing! Emoticon007

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Boo! Did I scare you? My first blog post of Countdown that doesn't involve Power Rankings. Emoticon007 It's about what I think or want to happen in the game. So, let this entry start! Emoticon018

  • Courtney~Duncan~TDA - I think she'll get eliminated during, like, week four. She might have an alliance with Tdifan24, maybe.
  • KittyTDA98 - She might get eliminated, I think during, week two. No alliance, I think. That's it to say.
  • Lindsayfan271 - Eliminated. Hmm. Week 6? Alliance with...Stephen"Zap". Maybe...
  • NinjaIzzy - Eliminated during merge. That's good. I-I think you have an alliance, or should have an alliance, with Ragingblaze592.
  • Ragingblaze592 - Eliminated...second place. Runner-up. Ragingblaze592 should be a runner-up! Like I said with NinjaIzzy, alliance with her.
  • Stephen"Zap" - Eliminated during week 7. He's good. No alliance, I think. Just kidding. What I said with Lindsayfan271, I think you should have an alliance with him.
  • TDA ROCKS - I thik he'll win! An alliance with...TDIFan13?
  • TDIFan13 - I think you'll be third. Winning the bronze! Alliance, like I said with TDA ROCKS, alliance with TDA ROCKS, since I said you for TDA ROCKS.
  • Tdifan24 - Alliance with Courtney~Duncan~TDA. Eliminated early?
  • TotalDramaFan1000 - Eliminated during merge like NinjaIzzy. No alliance.

These might be wrong. Don't comment if you have an alliance, and with who. I didn't use emoticons except twice, so TDIFan13 doesn't say I'm abusing them. Sunday or Monday are still Power Rankings day, and I might do this more. Come back Sunday or Monday for Power Rankings! By the way, I'm not doing me in this kind of entry too.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I got eliminated this week. Here's my "Good-Bye Speech". "I just feel stabbed. >.> At 9:00 PM, EST, I went to the week two of Countdown link so I could see who got eliminated. The whole week, I was looking for edits. Especially, some people. My alliance (not naming her/him/them), why'd you vote me off? I thought we were in an alliance. Doesn't that mean we're supposed to be all together. Some friend(s) you are. >.> Thanks TDA ROCKS, you're an awesome freind for not voting for me. So, this is my good bye. Good bye. I was thinking of quitting tommorow, due to me not able to come to any elimination. But no, over night, I figured out this is not about elimination; it's about edits. Good bye." Long, eh? Emoticon005 Although I'm sad I'm eliminated, I'm following along with Countdown! Emoticon018 Just so you know, I wanted to do this tommorow, but Courtney~Duncan~TDA made me promise to do it today. Emoticon002

Editing Gophers:

  • 5. TDA ROCKS - Sorry, but you're starting to fluff. Fluffing may get you banned. Getting banned means you can't edit. And if you can't edits, that means you might get eliminated! Wow. From one to five. Emoticon010
  • 4. TotalDramaFan1000 - C'mon! Get some edits! I know you can do this! I believe in you!
  • 3. Tdifan24 - Betwewn Courtney~Duncan~TDA, TDIFan13, and you, you have the least amount of edits. If you work harder, you can win! Emoticon018 And you're making alliances in public, which means users will try to get you out. Emoticon002
  • 2. TDIFan13 - Admin. Look at entry one and two.
  • 1. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - Congratulations! You've marked from five to three to one! Preety awesome, eh? Emoticon018 Great editor, and awesome editor!

Killer Editors:

  • 5. KittyTDA98 - Fluffer, I think. Keep editing! Emoticon018
  • 4. Stephen"Zap" - Non-fluffer, I think. Lowest editor on team. Bla. Bla. Bla. Keep editing and you might win! Emoticon018
  • 3. Lindsayfan271 - C'mon! You, too, can make edits! I believe in you like I do with everyone else! Emoticon018
  • 2. NinjaIzzy - You're about five-hundred edits in front of Ragingblaze592. That's good, but you're a rollback.
  • 1. Ragingblaze592 - You're one of the bestet editors on you're team! And, you're not a rollback or an admin! Emoticon018

Yay! Keep editing, dudes! Aww man! I tried to not abuse emoticons so TDIFan13 doesn't yell at me, but I did abuse 'em! Emoticon003

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm so sorry forgot about yesterday. I forgot to do the rankings. Emoticon002 So... I'll do them today! Emoticon018 And, a special surprise. Emoticon005 It will be at the end of the blog. And, we start!

Editing Gophers:

  • 5. TDA ROCKS - Although you stopped fluffing, you've been reverting your own edits. Pretty bad, eh.
  • 4. Tdifan24 - You've been asking for alliances in public. 'Nuff said.
  • 3. TotalDramaFan1000 - If you get more than 200 edits in the next few weeks, you'll be put up on number two.
  • 2. TDIFan13 - You've been slowing down on edits. I can barely see your name on MyHome. Emoticon010
  • 1. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - You're editor of the week again. If you keep on editing, you'll have immunity, and no one can vote you off. I can see you being in the finals.

Killer Editors:

  • 4. Lindsayfan271 - Erm; I really don't know where to put you. You're dog has made you slack off edits, so I don't see you on MyHome.
  • 3. NinjaIzzy - I can see you on MyHome, a lot. But, you're a rollback. Done! Emoticon013
  • 2. Ragingblaze592 - Maybe an IRC-break would help you get more edits... I think you've been doing better in Week One.
  • 1. KittyTDA98 - You've been improving, a lot, and you gained more than one-hundred edits in one week. That's pretty good, my friend. Emoticon014

And that ends this weeks blog. Since I forgot to do them yesterday, you get a surprise (as said above rankings). And it is... questions! Like the Roleplay Wiki Chris Blog! Just do "Q." and then your question. Dun-dun-dun. Bye. Erm; is this still on? Emoticon011 Now, now, it's done.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy last day of May, everyone! Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Emoticon018 Anyways; I forgot to do the answers on Friday... I'll be doing them tommorow, and since I forgot, there will be another special surprise. A different one. And now we start.

Final Seven:

  • 7. Tdifan24 - I can easily see you leaving. You insulted Courtney~Duncan~TDA. She's in your alliance. That means you insulted your alliance member. Emoticon012
  • 6. KittyTDA98 - Erm; two weeks ago you were epic... But you lost track last week. What happened?
  • 5. NinjaIzzy - You're great at editing, and you're a rollback. But I think the rest have more power.
  • 4. TDIFan13 - 1, 2, and 3 have a little more power than you. Unless you get imunity.
  • 3. Ragingblaze592 - You get immunity a lot. I have a feeling you'll make it to the finals. And I think 2 and 1 have more power than you.
  • 2. Courtney~Duncan~TDA - She gets immunity a lot, but 1 has a little more power than her.
  • 1. TotalDramaFan1000 - I can easily see Tdifan24 voting off Courtney~Duncan~TDA; The rest voting Tdifan24 off. Then I can see Courtney~Duncan~TDA voting off TDIFan13, while the rest of you vote off Courtney~Duncan~TDA. I don't know why, but...

Surprise is ice-cream. Whoever read this, gets ice-cream. Kay? Bye. Lastly, w00t, merge! Kay, kay? Bye.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

W00t! Time for answers! Emoticon018 So, first is TDA ROCKS' question! Second is Lindsayfan271's second question! Third is, Courtney~Duncan~TDA's second question! Fourth; Lindsayfan271's third! Fifth; Courtney~Duncan~TDA's first question! Sixth; Courtney~Duncan~TDA's third! Which means, last is Lindsayfan271's second. Let's start! Emoticon018


How do I revert my own edits?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman

You edit, save, click history, click undo. Kay? Emoticon010

Q. Lindsayfan271

Which of the first five eliminations shocked you the least?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman

Kevvy9's elimination shocked me the least.

Q. Courtney~Duncan~TDA

Who do you think will be eliminated next?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman


Q. Lindsayfan271

What was the worst move so far in the first four weeks?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman

I don't know what you mean. But if you mean what was the worst thing that happened, I'll say Kevvy9 with no edits during his time in the game.

Q. Courtney~Duncan~TDA

Who do you think will win?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman

(I think I can twist this question a bit. Emoticon005) ...Win what? Total Drama World Tour? Lindsay or Cody or Courtney. Emoticon007

Q. Courtney~Duncan~TDA

Who do you think is playing the game the best right now?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman

You or Ragingblaze592. Emoticon007

Q. Lindsayfan271

Which of the first five eliminations shocked you the most?

A. Mr. Totaldramaman

TDA ROCKS and yours. Emoticon007


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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey everyone... Sorry I didn't do this blog for the past two weeks... But... For the past two weeks... I'll do the power rankings of what I thought... Not all... Just first and last... Start! Emoticon007 Starting with... Week Six! Emoticon018 (Still not ranking me.) Buuuuut first let me recap the past two weeks. Emoticon007 During Week Six, the eliminated users were going head-to-head-to-head-to-head-to-head-to-head to see who will return to Countdown to 10,00. While the Final Six, were doing their normal thing (what the eliminated people are also doing) -- Editing. In the end, TDA ROCKS returned, Courtney~Duncan~TDA won, Ragingblaze592 set a new record, NinjaIzzy and Tdifan24 were put up for elimination, and Tdifan24 has been eliminated. Week Seven recap is soon.

Eliminated Users:

  • 5. Kevvy9 - You had an advantage of being eliminated first... and you blew it...
  • 1. TDA ROCKS - You've been eliminated Week Four... Not bad. You're new, but still a great editor. You're great, but still a new editor. Emoticon018

Final Six:

  • 6. NinjaIzzy - Was this the week when you had to take a wiki-break 'cause of your computer? Emoticon025
  • 1. TotalDramaFan1000 - Look at Entry 6. Emoticon007

Week Seven! Emoticon006 Week Seven recap! During Week Seven, with TDA ROCKS in and Tdifan24 out, the Final Six had to solve a Total Drama riddle! In the end, Courtney~Duncan~TDA guessed the riddle correctly first, and Ragingblaze592 had the most edits of the week... and set another new record! Wait... Two new records! TotalDramaFan1000 and NinjaIzzy were put up for elimination. The votes were ties... TotalDramaFan1000 was supposed to be eliminated due to having lower edits... NinjaIzzy quit to save him. Time for Rankings!

Final Six:

  • 6. TDA ROCKS - Not so many people like the returner... Remember Eva in TDI (not Izzy, people liked her) and Courtney in TDA? Emoticon014 Emoticon005
  • 1. Ragingblaze592 - Dude, three records in two weeks? Amazing! See ya' in the finals, dude. Emoticon005

And that's all for today! This week's Rankings will be up tomorrow... Sooner or later.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

...And welcome, to my final Countdown to 10,000 blog! And, happy 7-11 day! Emoticon018 I will rank who I think is rooting for who, and I am doing me this time!

  • Courtney~Duncan~TDA:
    • Kevvy9 - Kevvy9 may root for Courtney~Duncan~TDA. Maybe he'll root for TDIFan13. Well, no one knows 'cause he doesn't come on the wiki anymore. I'll just put him under both.
    • Mr. Totaldramaman - I think it's safe to say now, that my alliance was with TDA ROCKS, TotalDramaFan1000, and TDIFan13. Betrayals. Emoticon013
    • NinjaIzzy - NinjaIzzy and Courtney~Duncan~TDA have been awesome friends during the game, she's also been great friends with TDIFan13. Maybe she's rooting for Courtney~Duncan~TDA 'cause TDIFan13's an admin.
    • Stephen"Zap" - Above.
    • Tdifan24 - They've turned from bitter enemies (I think) to great friends. And... Above.
  • TDIFan13:
    • Kevvy9 - Kevvy9 may root for Courtney~Duncan~TDA. Maybe he'll root for TDIFan13. Well, no one knows 'cause he doesn't come on the wiki anymore. I'll just put him under both.
    • KittyTDA98 - I really don't know why, but yeah...
    • Lindsayfan271 - Courtney~Duncan~TDA and him have a conflict... Wait, that was settled...
    • Ragingblaze592 - Ragingblaze592 and TDIFan13 were great friend before the competition, that's why I think Ragingblaze592 is rooting for TDIFan13.
    • TDA ROCKS - The alliance thing.
    • TotalDramaFan1000 - The alliance thing.

Bye-Bye blog one. Emoticon022 And hello blog two!

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