Camp starts tomorrow... This is a good news-bad news sorta' thing...

(I'm currently looking at camp schedule while doing this xD)

Good news- Not sleep away! :D
Bad news- Overnights and late-nights.

I may be able to come after late-nights... I think.

So... *reads schedule* Overnight 1 is... O.O... CANADA!!!! :DDDDD W00T! CANADA! MTDM IS THE CANADA HIZZOUSE! :DDDD ... July 5th - 8th. Not Toronto. :(

Overnight 2 is July 21 and 22...

Late-nights are June 30, July 14... and... That's it.

2 PM dismissal is 19th of July... No camp July 9 and 20.

Kay, thanks for reading... *goes to FF wiki to blog*

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