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Prologue: A Special Day

Well, today's my birthday.

...Why you still reading the prologue?

Chapter 1: Joining Wikia

It all started at the Total Drama Island Wiki. I was in their IRC, for ten minutes, needing to ask questions. It was December 24, 2009. I got my answers, until Freehugs41 joined the chatroom. She kicked me, saying I needed to be a wiki user to be in there.

The week since that kick, I've been thinking. I've decided to get a Wikia account (Thanks Freehugs41!). As my Wikipedia account is 'Totaldramaman', I tried that. ...It was taken. Which is why I added 'Mr.', and am now called 'MTDM'.

Chapter 2: Joining The Camps Wikia

Not much happened that February. All that happened was that I moved my camp from the TDI wiki to there, to not get banned. Although, now I'm an active user.

Chapter 3: Joining The Fanfiction Wikia

Remember this blog? That was when I moved my fanfiction on the TDI wiki to here, and did nothing else.

Chapter 4: Inactivness

As you can see, I'm getting really inactive, though, visiting from time to time. I'm...I'm...I'm...


Okay, if you thought I was quitting; get a chill pill. I'll never quit my home wiki, unless I have too! See you on the other wikis!

That's it! Please comment.

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